StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #11
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.


SC1+2 Total Conversion
This map allows users to play with both Brood War and Star Craft 2 units when they fight each other. Computer AI works properly.

1v1 Melee map with day/night cycle, with rich mineral natural. One additional mainland and island expo each. Choke point heavy main path, very defensible, fortress style main base and secondary path blocked by destructibles. Four central naga towers offer views over the incoming approaches.

Atoll of Tamaa
An atoll in the oceanic world Tamaa, isolating two factions and surrounding a small desert island rich in minerals. A little piece of paradise can quickly turn into a circle of Hell! Destructible rocks protect you for a while ... Fortunately for the expand are very far from your main.
Warning: atoll and islands do not have much space to build and fight!

Victorian Checkmate
Author try to make maps with "reasonable to max" main to main distances, this one is one of the longest i think . the idea is a refined english countryside bloodbath.

Archi - The Spiral
Defensible spawn and a defensible natural compensates for the close and straight route between the enemies. Back to the edge of the map and round the outside of it are expansions.

Archi - Temple Valley
-Defensible spawn and easy natural. -A long route to move large armies. -Trees and rocks hide hidden paths, resources, ambush points and key positions.

Archi - Money Pit
Defensible Spawn - Resources are in pits. making them vulnerable. The more vulnerable the pit the more the resources are worth. -Safer Expos exist in the corners but are further from spawn making them hard to protect. -Rocks block routes for large armies to travel.

Mar Sara Wastes (7v7 Melee Map)
Mara Sara wastes is an epic 7v7 max melee map. Featuring gameplay styles of 7v7, 4v4v4v4 (Not working ATM) 4v4, 3v3, etc.
-16 spawn points
-16 naturals (1 per player)
-4 In-base gold expansion
-4 Gold Expansions
-8 Island Expansions
-4 Center Expansions
-8 Xel'Naga watch towers


Lost Temple - Conquest Madness
Conquest Madness. Each point you control produces men for your army, capture more points to out-produce your opponents. 2-4 players. Many unit sets available to choose from in the game lobby that will change the experience. The library is easily ported and customized for your maps.

Mini Games

Take on the role of an up-and-coming dissenter; you must guide your Agitator through a variety of locales while avoiding detection from the oppressive Dominion regime! See if you've got all the skills necessary to be a hated Revolutionary guerrilla just like Jim Raynor!

The Amazing Probe
-Guide The Amazing Probe out of the flame maze
-Be prepared for the surprise ending (which I did not show)
-If you beat the map on insane, send me a video/replay to claim your achievement

Frontline Wars!
Can you defend and stop the enemy getting through? Can you rebuild your battle cruisers as fast as they are taken out? Can you build up your spawed marines to enough to break through the enemy defenses?
Placement of battle-cruisers is crucial to both defending and attacking the enemy. Upgrade timing is crucial.
The battle cruisers will spawn marines which will attack their way through the enemy base to portals. But the enemy will be doing the exact same thing to you.
And if you both are pretty even, watch out for the random nukes!

Adrenaline Rush Elite Best!
The player with the most units in the center, owns the center. Own the center for 3 minutes and you win!
Problem is, when you are the dominator, all the other players will work together to bring you down!

The Kingdom of Bybaatu
The Kingdom of Bybaatu consists of five bases. The more bases of Bybaatu that your units occupy at once, the more points you accumulate. The first player to reach 10,000 points wins!

Battlewake: Hellforge (offline play )
Battlewake Collectives is a collection of highly detailed maps that aims to expand new terrain scenarios for you single-offline players out there This map is for single player off-line play and pits you in a 2 on 2 random race battle with an AI ally against 2 random AI opponents (very hard/insane) difficulties. maps are fairly balanced with 2 different mirrored handicapped starting positions. (opposite positions are fairly balanced).

Sparta Special Forces
Sparta Special Forces is a 1-6 Players Coop Hero Defense Map with the Target to survive and kill all Zergs. Like all Special Force maps you can build units, grade them up and level them up to kill all Zergs. With new units, abilities, secrets and shared Income.

Starcraft 2 - Brood War
Hardcore Mode Added
This incorporates a few of the restrictions players had to deal with in the original Starcraft - Brood War
- Limited to 1 Selected Building at a time (No MBS)
- Limited to 12 Selected Units at a time (No Unlimited Unit Selection)
- Control Groups are Limited to 12 Units at a time
- Workers cannot be rallied to Mineral Fields with the "Gather" Ability (No Automine)

Infested Attack
This is a remake of Zombie Attack by Nerion from Warcraft III. 10 players command a group of marines in the city and need to kill all infested units to win. Marines use hit-and-run tactics. 1 player commands infested units and needs to kill all the marines to win. Infested Units can burrow and move. Each marine unit that dies becomes an infested unit.
Marines were sent to investigate a ghost city on Korhal. Suddenly, they were trapped by the dead who came back as infested units. Now, the marines must survive the onslaught.
Will the Marines escape or will they become infested as well?

Survivor Defense
Raynor, Tychus and Tosh are shot down on a planet by the zergs. They lost contact with that colony and wanted to investigate that. In the middle of the map is the command center, which they can enter and buy stuff or research better weapons and turrets. To defend the command center you can buy weapons for your heros or built different types of turrets. There are 3 different types of resources produced by 3 different buildings and are needed to buy everything. Heros gather experience and have an inventory.
- The map can be played by 1-3 players - You can improve your hero (Defense style) - You can build different type of turrets (Tower Defense Style)

Protoss Energyball Soccer
2 teams with 6 players , every player controls 1 fighter ( max. 12 players, open player slots will be filled by the computer automatically).
Itīs like Capture the Flag with a ball, so the objective is to get the ball into the other goal and not to get killed by the other team.
Killing and scoring grant money which can be used for upgrades and new abilities.
The team with more goals after 12 minute wins, otherwise itīs golden goal rule.
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