StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #12
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.


Starcraft 2 - Brood War
Hardcore Mode Additions
- Smart Casting disabled on most spells (example. select 4 High Templars and cast Storm. all 4 Templars cast storm instead of just 1)
- Spells affected are. Psionic Storm, Stasis Field, Maelstrom, Mind Control, Dark Swarm, Plague, Disruption Web, Nuclear Strike, Lockdown,
Optical Flare, Restoration, Ensnare, Parasite, Spawn Broodling, Defensive Matrix, EMP, Irradiate.
- Autocast for Repair Disabled
- Camera Distance from the Ground reduced from 34.07 > 30 (Default SC2 Camera shows more area than in BW)
New Unit Models (ported from the Warcraft 3 Mod "Project Revoluion)
Arbiter - increased poly count. touched up texture. added Normal and Emissive maps.
Valkyrie - straight port. already great model and texture. added Normal map.
Corsair - increased poly count. touched up texture. added Normal and Emissive maps. (texture is very low quality. needs to be redone from scratch i feel)

Liberty Island
Very atmospheric four player symmetrical map with day/night cycle during heavy thunder storms.
-Natural close by in starting base.
-One rich mineral/rich gas each
-Double island expo each which can viably be a mid game flee option to keep you in the game.
-Base side naga towers help for early base defense and the centralized naga towers offer views on the gold expos at a glance.
Highly mobile and open map, great for FFA.

Archi - Forest Ridge
TREES!!! Reletively close but defensible spawns. The trees allow for an alternative route as well as additional tactics. If you want avoid the fight going to the trees win the match quickly, unless your fighting style is stronger amongst the trees. Vision is the key to winning in the tree

Archi - Jungle Path
Back door bolocked with rocks at spawn. 2 high ground routes to enemy spawn and one low ground through the forest, which is also the fastest route.

Archi - Aftermath
Destructible Cars block alternate paths. 3 main routes- 1. South 2. North 3.The bridge Controlling the bridge can aid in cutting off enemy reinforcments or striking at their expansions.

Archi- Temple Glade
1v1,2v2,FFA (Temple combat)

Mar Sara Wastes (7v7 Melee Map) v1.2
Mara Sara wastes is an epic 7v7 max melee map. Featuring gameplay styles of 7v7, 4v4v4v4 (Not working ATM) 4v4, 3v3, etc. This is in fact, my very first complete map ever, so if you see something wrong, I have an excuse. Anyways, I found a challenge presented by Chiseen. He wanted somebody to make him a map for 14 players using his template. I accepted to make it because I was honestly bored at the time and it seemed like a great idea. What came out of that was Mar Sara Wastes, an epic melee map. There are 4 bases, in 7v7, one base per team will, unfortunately, be missing one player. That I cannot fix, as though the editor can only support 15 players maximum. So, as you all know, 15 cannot be split evenly. I also realize that it may be nearly impossible to have a full 14 player game running unless planned. That, cannot be fixed, especially with the popularity system in place.

SC1+2 Total Conversion
This map allows users to play with both Brood War and Star Craft 2 units when they fight each other. Computer AI works properly.


Metal Slug [Act 1]
This is the first part of a map series based off of everyone's favorite arcade side scrolling shooter, Metal Slug. Most of the game play is derived from the arcade version.

Storm's Keep
You are a freshly trained Ghost sent to a distant colony in response to Zerg sightings on the planet. The colony is ill-equipped to defend itself against such a threat and it is up to you to help them survive this struggle.

Chrono Agents
The fierce bio-mechanical race known as Bioroid has invaded the Chrono Homeworld of Cyan. The only way to save the Planet now is for the Chrono Agents to travel back in time to prevent the Bioroid from ever Being created. That will prove to be a difficult task and things will turn out to not be all black and white when the truth is revealed.
Fight alongside 4 Allies to save your home Planet from its doom. Players will get to choose between 6 Agents with unique Abilities and have to make quick decisions and work together in order to succed. Masses of Enemies with unqiue abilities will stand in your way. A number of skills and equippment will be saved from game to game to give you the little edge it might need to beat the challenge.

Hand of Humanity (Campaign)
This campaign is a story of organisation called Hand of Humanity and its leader Max Jarvinen. They begin a fight against Minestar Corporation that owns almost 90% of planet Earth resources and their endless greed has driven regular people into desperate situation.

Plan C
In this map you hire a squad of units and must defeat the zerg invasion force. There are multiple upgrades for all units and special abilities for hero units. There is a unified base that you must protect while attempting to seek out and destroy the zerg swarms.

SC1 - Jacobs Installation - Remake
A remake of the 4th mission from the StarCraft 1 Terran campaign.
-more primary and bonus objectives

Mini Games/Hero Arena

XeA Tournament
In the game, there are two teams. The game will most likely always have team modes only, but I may add in an ffa at a later date. The two teams are pitted against each other in an arena randomly selected by the game. They have to play by the rules of the Tournament (Voted gameplay modes). As of now, with it's first release, there is only one mode, Search and Destroy. Players can choose from 4 different classes at the beginning of every round. Each kill gains a player 5 points, each win gains a player 10 points, and each successful bomb plant gains the planter an additional 5 points on top of the 10 points for winning the round. Ranking is saved for each player at the end of each round automatically. This allows you to gain ranks and show off your skill.

Arathi Basin/Strands of the Ancients
With 10 heroes, supporting up to 12 players, Arathi Basin/Strands of the Ancients is a remake of the battlegrounds from WOW.
-Third person mode and default game camera modes supported
-Arathi Basin is a battle for control points
-Strands of the Ancients is a 2 round hero siege arena
-Add bots by adding AI players!
-Unique wow-like targetting and hotkey system (with fully functional default sc2 targetting as well)
-Questing content (and raiding content) available for testing to the winning players.

Battlecruiser Wars 2
In Battlecruiser Wars 2 you are a battlecruiser competing with other battlecruisers. You have ability and upgrades you can buy to help defeat your opponent. To gain ore(money) you must construct a base near ore deposits and build ore mines.

Formation Defense
Test your skills as a commander in this tactical defense game, where you and up to six other players attempt to protect your colony from hordes of enemies, while saving as many refugees as you can. The map has a very simple layout, allowing newcomers to sink their teeth into the standard defense formula but those who stick with it will find a wealth of strategic choices and abilities at their disposal. Be warned:
reaching and completing the final level, even on the easiest settings, is no easy task.
Equipped with its own set of achievements, nine factions to play as, multiple difficulty settings, multiple ways to win, and a simple, yet effective tech tree, this game provides a ton of replayability, while giving everybody enough options to grant them a comfortable challenge for them to settle in to.


Ghost Tournament
Third person shooter with different play modes including Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Domination.
The map was inspired by Unreal Tournament. Best played with 6-12 players. Available on B-net EU. Feel free to upload to different realms.


Hard Counter
Unit Tester and Micro Trainer - Training Game included. Find the perfect counter for any opponent force and learn how to micro!
Build two armys (manual or random) and let them fight. Watch cost efficiency.
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