ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead Map Pack #2
This package is a collection of twenty maps for ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead.

Included Maps:

Joint Operations - BAF
Set after the Fall of the Takistan National Army, Coalition Forces launch new operations in the region. ISAF Forces under NATO command arrive in Takistan with the intention of re-training the National Army and rebuilding the infrastructure of the country, but in Takistan, things never go to plan. While the new government is desperately trying to restore their war-torn country, NATO's main focus is now on defeating the many insurgent militias that have formed since the fall of Col. Aziz' Army. You will take on the role of Andrew Miller as his section carry out daily duties in Takistan and the neighboring Shapur e-Dalanper region, from village patrols to escorting convoys through the deadly mountainous regions of Takistan.

Operation Skalisty
You play a Delta force team leader on a mission to locate and seize some Russian Scuds just of the coast of Chernarus on Skalisty Island. this mission requires Arma2 And Arma:OA although it requires no other addons... that being said I highly recommend using Zeus AI Combat Skills & AI Spotting modular by Protegimus which is a must have mod for myself personally.

Operation Persian Hammer
In October of 1988, In Takistan, Salem Yussef, a dictator and military general sends troops to attack the US embassy. All communications are broken between the Embassy and Washington. us troops Settled in the Island of Malden and who fought during the Everon conflict in 1985, Send several ships in the Green Sea and deploys troops in Kirstan, a country near Takistan. After a few days of tensions, The operation called “Persian hammer” is started, it consists of sending US special forces behind the enemy lines to destroy all the communications to permit the USMC invasion at different key locations. At the same time, Yussef Send mobile missile launchers “SCUD” on Israel. Their allied being attacked, The USA must answer fast.

UN Under Fire
UN was sent to investigate many activities in Sagram, they are escorted there by takistan resistance, but something gone wrong.

Afghan War Diary: TF Bushmaster 10/20/2007
Lead a TF Bushmaster combat patrol in Helman Province, Afghanistan. Based on actual events.
-Inspired by actual reports for the Afghan War Diary Project.
-Lead an ODA based on a real unit from TF Bushmaster, ODA 3336 and it's Afghan ally the Kandak Commandos.
-Air support at your disposal. Drop JDAM's,LGB's,and CBU's with a click of a mouse.
-Encourages the use of leadership skills. The real TL kept all his men alive that day. Can you?

Co-op missions

Attack The Outpost ! Co-04
Its a bright night today, perfect for a attack at a outpost of the Takistan Army. We know a good position for this ambush, i marked it on the map.
- You play as local insurgents
- Working briefing and tasks (Thanks to shk !)
- 2 Tasks (Kill the Officer / Destroy the HQ BMP)

Garden of Eden Co-10
As Delta Force and a Helo Team your job is to hunt down insurgents in Takistan.

Disruptive Behaviour Co-02
Your team is dropped by helicopter in the southern Zargabad province. Your targets are a high ranking Takistani officer and a local militia leader. Use your evasive skills to prevent capture, and then blow a SCUD launcher on the way home.

Takistan Force Co-20
From a collection of different missions the server randomly picks one mission at a time, let it take place at a randomly chosen location on the map of Takistan.
Every player is his/her own squad leader, being able to recruit AI squad members of all types (like in Warfare, without the money).
There are different slots to fill by players, each with its own responsibilities:
-Common Infantry

Zargabad Push Co-10
The city of Zargabad needs to be cleared of all enemies. The local militia has established a stronghold and have been launching several deadly attacks on US soldiers recently. This has to come to an end.
Your secondary objective is to take out 2 weapon caches in the city area. HQ only have a rough idea of their location so you need to search high and low.
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