WH40,000 DoW - Soulstorm Map Pack #16

How to Install Maps:

Extract all files and folders to your installation directory by default "THQ\Dawn of war\W40KData\Scenarios\MP"
the directory structure MUST be kept in tact.

Included maps


Mehnra Palace Dominicus
Trapped, with only death to look forward to, the defenders of the Govenors Palace fight like men possessed.Caught between the withering fire and cruel blades of your invading forces and their sergent's bolt pistol at their backs, answer their prayers for a quick death!

The Final Waagh
The map is 8 players but will work fine for 4vs4 or 2vs2vs2vs2.On each side where the teams are located there is 1 relic and in the ork fortress 2 relics in the center 4 strategic points and 1 critical location.

Jungle Temple
Game : 4 v 4

Fortress Deep
An 8 player map know as Fortress deep. Built for a 3 vs 5 with player 1-3 on team one and 4-8 on team two. Made for IG/SM figthing 5 Ork or chaos. Recomend Take and hold, control area, destory HQ, or assassination. This is only the first beta and more stuff will be added over time.

Deltaria 4
Deltaria 4 is a small planet that containing a lot of ressources which may be used to build new fantastic weapons that may help a lot the Emperor and his space marines in this Endless war. However the colony standing in Deltaria has recently attacked and ravaged by Orcs, and now it is time to face all kind of enemy that would like to steal these ressources from the Imperium. The Old Ruined castle hold the only place to take, to show the enemy you won't let them come back... Face the shadow and the death in the destroyed center town, use the cover and the building to hide from enemy fire, or use wisely of courage and honor in the round jungle, standing all around the city and stick in the tree to avoid the raging bullets...


Siege Of The Fallen City
This map is intended to be a relatively natural environment set in mountain, wooodland, quarried area and a relic of a fallen city in the bend of a river.

Mehnra Crossroads (1.1)
After establishing the beachhead and pressing a successful assault onwards to capture a nearby bunker system, the road to the regions capital is laid out before you. Control the crossroads to stifle any possible enemy reinforcement before the main push to capture the spaceport and advance on the city.

4 player or 2v2 player map. The layout of this inspired by the old arcade game from the 80's of the same name. The streets in between each "fortress" funnel all the action to the middle. Break out the artillery!

Ravaged Lands
This is a 4player map by {AoD} Lexandro.

Battle for Polia Toschenko's stand
You start out with some guys because it the last one and it's tochenko's stand so you need some men
Changed the sky to city sky.


Church Defense
This 1v1 map pits the two players against each other, with player 1 starting in an abandoned monastery and player 2 starting in a desert.

Twisted Jungle
Its a 1v1 map with quite a lot stuff and looks good.

Mehnra Sniper Alley (1.0)
This senario is the Fifth map in the Mehnra Series: The defenders have pulled back from the outer habzones and have reinforced the Govenors Palace and surrounding areas - A cunning plan has been devised to avoid a long drawn out seige. An access point for the Hive City's sewer system has been identified as a Critical Location - control this area to allow an infiltrating force to sabotage the defences and secure safe passage into the Palace. The Sewer system control station is surrounded by many defencive positions and an enemy force is patroling the area.

Swamp Lands
it's an exotic Swamp map, good for a fast duel with lush scenery.

Hell's Pass
A very small map for 1 vs 1 gaming. There are three major chokepoints, and each needs to be guarded/defended equally. as this is a TINY map, access to bases is very convienient, so both players neeed to focus as much on defense as offense. The hill to the right has a relic inside a building, and the hill to the left has an excellent firing point. the center has a lot of cover, but risks must be taken to control the map's

single Critical Location.
Best played using only the Take & Hold objective.

Omaha Spaceport
Best on Annihilation for fast and furious gameplay. (N.B. Critical locations are not supported on this map)

The River of Doom
This map is based off of Deadmans Crossing, but in jungle theme. Except the river itself is unaccessable. there are 3 river crossings each with a critical location. Take and hold gametypes go really fast (and are brutal) cause the AI seems to capture points faster than you can.

Island Hopping
A fairly open map that could be used with some of the increased unit size mods yet still be functional as a vanilla game.

No Man's Land
The map is basically trench-warfare so the trenches are key to winning. The trenches provide heavy cover. Most of the area outisde of the trenches are negative cover.

Train Station
Set within an Imperial train station, this small map makes for quick battles. The two players start on opposite sides of the train tracks with only one strategic point apiece. In order to reach the enemy's base, players must either travel down the narrow channel created by the train tracks or use flying troops to jump across.
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