StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #13
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Mini Games

EnderCraft TD
Influenced by author's favorite tower defense game: Bloons Tower Defense 4 by
50 waves of 14 different kinds of creeps and 11 unique towers with multiple upgrades along with 2 emergency drop units for those creeps that sneak by.3 difficulties and 3 levels makes EnderCraft TD a unique Tower Defense experience. Made for 1 - 2 players.

Krazy Kodo Tag
Build structures, gather resources, fight back, or simply run from the attacking kodos!

Warlords: Battle for Captum
Warlords is a “wars” style game similar to Desert Strike, Colonial Line Wars, or Nexus Wars, but with a personality all its own.
-Less of a focus on the unit stacking “tug” effect, making the victory of each wave have a more concrete impact.
-4 player FFA, meaning your victories and defeats are attributed entirely to your own skill.
-Space and supply limits, meaning players must change their army composition frequently to stay on top of their foes
-And much more!

Next convo in 20s
A melee game using a chatroom mode.

The Death Baneling
The Death Baneling (or TDB) is a map created during the beta with three objectives in mind : Micro, fun, fast. The gameplay is based (but improved greatly) on the Warcraft III map created by Blizzard : The Death Sheep. You must survive as long as possible and collect the maximum score. But in The Death Baneling there are much more : Custom interface, delirious soundscape, custom AI, items, surprises, two mods (single and multiplayer), several waves...etc.

Hard Counter v5.9
Unit Tester and Micro Trainer - Training Game included. Find the perfect counter for any opponent force and learn how to micro!
Build two armys (manual or random) and let them fight. Watch cost efficiency.
You can get all units and upgrades instantly in the main buildings. You can build all structures instantly with workers. You can use different terrain for fighting positions. Just play and feel your skill boost.
Solo and 1v1 Mode

Zown Control
-Zone Control Ultra- 1 Main Spawn 4 Additional Ground Spawns 3 Additional Air Spawns 1 Addition Healing Spawn 1 Hybrid Spawn There are upgrades for all units, Hybrid Destroyers upgraded through Protoss, Reaver through Zerg Also There are additional Talent/Ability Upgrades Mostly Done by Data editor rather than trigger to reduce lag, A LOT less lag when 1000+ units

Formation Defense v1.6
Test your skills as a commander in this tactical defense game, where you and up to six other players attempt to protect your colony from hordes of enemies, while saving as many refugees as you can. The map has a very simple layout, allowing newcomers to sink their teeth into the standard defense formula but those who stick with it will find a wealth of strategic choices and abilities at their disposal. Be warned: reaching and completing the final level, even on the easiest settings, is no easy task.


Template Maps
Template maps contain terraining works only, they are free to use in any singleplayer / multiplayer mission you want to create.

Hand of Humanity (Campaign)
Campaign has 3 missions at the moment and more will be released.
Make sure that that you download all missions and that you play missions in right order. Click "Files" category.
All campaign missions will be basic Starcraft2 maps with story elements.

Adrenaline Rush Elite Best!
Own the center like a God!
The player with the most units in the center, owns the center. Own the center for 3 minutes and you win!
But when you are owning, all the others will work together to bring you down!


Hills of Agmar
The author's primary goal was to make a macro oriented map with the possibility for early aggression. So he positioned the natural and third expos in protected positions. However, the rush distance is fairly average relative to other blizzard maps (around 148). So early aggression is still a possibility - your opponent just has an easier time defending his natural. The map is large and has a lot of space for your sim city.

Archi - Launch Site
Made by Archivian

Archi - The Factory
Suitable for 1v1 2v2 FFA.

Archi - The Psy Stream
Made by Archivian

Archi - Enders Pass
Standard 1v1

Archi - Sand Dance

Cutting your way through
Warcraft 3 Trees for Minerals to clear the way and in same time collect resourses.
Collect Dry Minerals to get to your enemy or just drop on them.
Command Center CANT Lift Off.
HP increased.

Jungle Waterside
This is a mirrored two player melee map with four expansions per player and a gold in the middle. There are some backdoor rocks to the main from the third and a backdoor with rocks from the middle to the natural. The Xel'naga towers provide vision the center of the map.


SC1+2 Total Conversion v5
This map allows users to play with both Brood War and Star Craft 2 units when they fight each other. Computer AI works properly.

Nodgene's Random Micro Game
Each player has access to one command centre and a constant trickle of resources. More minerals and vespene can be earned for making kills and holding the Xel'Naga Tower. Players can purchase most biological units from each faction, but may only build up to 20 population worth of units.
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