Mafia 2 Mods Pack (15 file(s))
This package is a collection of fifteen modifications for Mafia 2.

Included Mods:

First Person View
This will allow you to play in first person view when on foot. It is recommend tp installing with "Rick's Tools".

Weapons Overhaul & Realism v1.0
This is xmetalxthrasherx's Mafia II Weapons Overhaul & Realism mod. It changes the stats for all weapons and many other gameplay aspects as listed in the readme.

Car Full Damage
After messing around a bit in tables.sds, the author replaced car flags so that all of the cars should have dynamic (or full?) damage.

Modified Freeride
What it has is all shops are open, all homes are open that vito lived in (in story that is), all clothes you can buy at store are in your closet, all cars in the garage except the buses and cars that don't work right, all weapons available with full ammo

Colt 1911 - Indiana Jones Gun Sound v.2
This is a simple Colt 1911 sound replacement. The new gun sound is the trademark blast of Indy's various revolver's and automatic weapons from Raiders of the Lost Ark (created by the legendary Ben Burtt).

No Police Radio Mod
This mod removes police radio for Vito in the main story and removes police radio and driving comments from Jimmy

Mafia II Music Manager
This freeware program is able to play the original Mafia II radio music files and replace them with your own FLAC, MP2, MP3, OGG, WAV or WMA music files.

Vito gets some fresh tatoos.

The Joker Skin v.2 - Face / Suit + Overcoat
This outfit replaces the "Tailored Suit + Overcoat". For most appropriate colouring, choose the white/beige suit from your wardrobe. Backup appropriate files before install.

Pinstripe Coat
A black suit with a stunning pinstripe milky white coat for your enjoyment.

Highschool Classic College Jacket
A cool version of the Highschool Jacket from Renegade dlc

Racer Suit Mod: Daft Punk Jacket

Zipper Emblem

Extreme Level Of Difficulty
by majkool
-Rick's Load Chapter Mod
-GameMenu by majkool
-Better Car Cameras by majkool
-Auto-Regeneration Off in Extreme Level Of Difficulty by majkool

Beta Textures Mod by Nalgash v1.0
New textures by Nalgash for Mafia II game.
Size: 103.4MB
Downloads: 6,889
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