StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #14
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.


Terrain request for Keyeszx
This was a request from Keyeszx for a napoleon era theme map.
He then further specified that he didn't want the terrain Napoleonic themed so I replaced my stone bridges with standard starcraft 2 ones.
Later he then specified it was not fit for his needs as he wished for a grid based map.

Run Viking Run
It is a rip-off (or remake) of the Run Kitty Run map from WC3.


SC1 - Backwater Station - Remake
A remake of the 2nd mission from the StarCraft 1 Terran campaign.

Mini games/Hero arena/Tower Base defence/Roleplaying

Room Wars
How to play?
-You start with 1 room and 4 Marines.
-Claim others rooms by killing any enemy units inside and walking over the center.
-The more rooms you have under your control the more unit's will spawn for you.
-The first player to own 11 rooms wins the game!
-Intense constant small battles across rooms across the map.
-Tactical maneuvering advancing/retreating as you try to claim more and more.
-A chance to always come back no matter how bad your doing.

Ikari Warriors
Basically, it's a vertical scrolling shooter where you can shoot bullets with a button, and throws grenade with a movement combo. You fight against soldiers, grenadiers, tanks, bunkers and helicopters in the jungle, and any damage taken is deadly (which is why this game is almost as impossible as Ghosts'n'Goblins). You can drive tanks to improve your firepower and sustain more damage, you can walk across rivers and even dive underwater to dodge bullets. There are items to collect (fuel, grenades, etc...) to help you reach the end (there is only one level, I think... never saw the end of it anyway!).

Shadows of the Tal'Darim
The Protoss and thee Tal'darim were fighting above restored Haven. Shortly after the Terran colonists sent up a battlecruiser from the surface, a sub-space Vortex opens up above the planet, engulfing several vessels. Trapped and stranded 85 years in the past, our heroes grow tired of waiting for reinforcements.
The Tal'Darim have set up fortifications, while they gather enough materials to launch an assault on Aiur (and through their madness, destablize time itself!) With vast library of items (helm, chest, shoulder armors, accessories, and combat consumables. Content difficulty scales with amount of players present. Access 4 types of vehicles in a GTA style. You can even pick up your friends with a dropship and drop them off at a quest zone!


The Wrecked Holy Ark
The map is released on EU It is a six player melee map with plenty of resources to use. One player from each team is placed on an island, being isolated so he can protect his team mates. the other two are connected (one from each team) by a bridge-island that helds resources and two Xel'Naga towers. There are also rich expansions placed on the central island. The map focuses on rapid strategies and cooperation between teams. Have fun playing it!

Outpost 2v2v2v2
The basic Blizzard Map turned into a 2v2v2v2 situation with default Melee options.

The map is released on EU . It favores the Terran and Protoss players because of the many siege positions that can be found near a player's base. also, air units can dominate the map easily. Have fun playing it !

The map is released on EU It has intense lighting effects to simulate "Heaven" or a "Battle in the skies". Every player has an expansion very close. The third expansion is rich, shared by everyone and it is placed in the center of the cross. If you play Co-op, you should block your base entrance because the AI tends to focuse on one player only. The map can be dominated by aerial units. Have fun playing it!

Marine Arena
Its a 2V2,2V2,2V2,2V2 map.

Acid Bath
Its a 2V2 map you will have 11 Minerals Bays and added 4 more plus 4 Xel''Naga Towers added 4 more.

Zero Accessibility
It a 3v3 Map. You will have 18 Minerals Bays plus added 4 Minerals and 9 Xel''Naga Towers.

Cold Storage
Just another 1v1 map, mirrored, 4 expo and a high yield for both side, featuring a Christmas Tree!

Fiery Eclipse
1v1 map, 3 expo plus a high yield, the main have a small ramp as well as a side ramp protected by rocks.

Archi - Mountain Range

Archi Abandon
To play Other Archi maps by tyoing "Archi" into the map search.

Shakuras Temple
This is a 2v2 map with the two players spawning on close positions on separate platforms with kind of big ramps. Just behind their mains there are 3 exps (one behind each player and an additional in the middle).

Battle Magma
Lots of expansions with 2 paths, one guarded by destructable rocks. One central battleground controls the map.

Base of Goods
A 1v1 map. 4 expo for each player, and 1 Gold. With a lot of space.
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