Team Fortress 2 Map Pack #104
How to Install Maps:

Place the .bsp file into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\(your account name)\team fortress 2\tf\maps

Included Maps:

-Added more cover
-Not as open anymore
-Made ammopack placement better
-Playerclipped fences
-Redesigned mid
-Fixed some clipping issues

You can bind use to a key by typing this in the console
bind "f" "+use"
Then just press F to use secret buttons
You can use this map alone (to create a server in game)
and to make achievements, idle and to receive items.

Once upon a time god (whated) locked blu and red to an gladiator arena. They are supposed to fight for their lifes., is The team who won going to have big prize, freedom.

Arena Swampbridge (a3)
RED and BLU trains met each other on the same rail in a distant swamp. Two teams of skillful professionals landed on a place to deal with problem: whose train will roll on rails, and whose - down the cliff...
The map ended up small, so it was decided to make it arena. Almost everything works as it should, though I'd like some response for future tweaks.

An arena map set on top of a snowy mountain. There's several buildings leading toward the control point with tunnels underneath. There are also sniper decks at the back of the map and two small health kits overhanging a cliff.

Fast arena map for TF2, Includes center CP, sniper decks, Scout jumps, Sewers.
Good for 6v6.

cp_crossroads b2
xmas surprise

cp_Centrifuge V0.80
In Centrifuge, each team must first capture the two outer points, before moving on to the center point and finally capping the opposing team's home point. Even if a team has captured the middle point, if they lose one of the outer points, they can no longer capture the enemy's home point. Standing on a point whilst it cannot be captured will take anybody standing on it to the other floor on the map. Perfect for a surprise attack. Warning, any harm cause by the entering of limbs and extremities into the centrifuge or by falling into the not quiet bottomless black pit is through nobody's fault but your own.

This is a non-basic 5 cp capture point map with very confusing control point order. After the middle point the second point is placed upstairs inside a chamber and people can reach the last point faster than the second one. And above all this map is small and narrow, so it actually fits for fun play only.

For the CP Map Contest.

First two CPs are done.

A/D, 3 cp, raining, thunder, night, red attacks, blue defends.

1 new way from center to lobby.
2. Modified exit from pipe
3. Pipe is now wider and higher.
4. Modified ceiling in the intelligence room.
5. Modified stairs the center.
6. Added small ammo packages in center.
7. Near the respawn room there are small ammo and health packages.
8. Modified the window in lobby.
9. Modified map lighting.
10. Now you can walk around the generator under the ladder in the center.

A new Capture the Flag map which is fun to play and polished to a professional standard.

Picture it: Sicily, 1923; in a small area, hidden away in a snowy mountain, there is a man-made hill. A hill made of wood. And on this hill is a point where a multi-billion dollar corporation could place a king. "Well what is the relevance of this pile of wood?" I hear you ask. "There's no reason for corporations to fight over it!"

Now with 100% more detail and 200% better looks. Also many minor issues fixed.

Medieval payload map!

The first release of a smallish, single-stage, Hightower-like payload race map.

A trade map including
-normal fight arena
-snipe area
-hat gallary
You can open the doors only from the spawn!

A remake of the original Trade Plaza from "the asylum" By Taina Imatake
Adding and Rearranging some parts of that map made for the winter holidays

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