Left 4 Dead 2 Map Pack #13

This package is a collection of ten maps for Left 4 Dead 2.

Included Maps:


Santa can I go out and kill tonight 2?
Santa just finished delivering presents to survivors christmas-safe house when he fell of his sledge and got frozen in the lake behind the house.The sledge is still circling the house and it's up to our survivors to come up with a "fiery" solution and save Santa!

Agla Room 2
Survive in a room full of musical instruments!
Play guitar,drums,bass,microphone,ride on a skate,in a choppa,drink beer,smoke w..d etc.
Everything in this room works like in real life.

Vacant - Call of Duty 4 Remake
Version 1.3 This is a Call of Duty 4 remake of the map Vacant for Left 4 Dead 2.

-Helms Deep- Reborn v13
The only survival map with an ending! Survive untill Gandalf comes.

Last Stand L4D2
A port of the L4D1 map Light House,with l4d2 items and guns.

Mountain Impassable
When a convoy of refugees fleeing the infected becomes trapped by a sudden rockslide, the dwindling food and biting cold begin to take their toll. Some perish from the cold or lack of food, others simply wander into the snow and are never seen again. Meanwhile, the infected groans grow louder.

Infected Christmas
A Survival map based around a Small Town's Plaza with a few good places to camp and alot of places for the infected to spawn. There is an incomplete Versus and Coop mode which will be completed at a later date so these two modes are unfinshable sorry.


Blue Sky Hotel (Beta)
You and your friends have barricaded yourselves into your hotel room, but food is running low. You must make a desperate attempt to find rescue.

Mines of the Living Dead - The Caves
Minecraft grafic!

L4D2 Plants vs Zombies
L4D2 Plants vs Zombies is a map a bit based in the universe of Plants vs Zombies.
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