ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead Map Pack #3
This package is a collection of ten maps for ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead.

Included Maps:


Bastard Squad
It was twelve days before Christmas and all through the house, nothing was stiring except...Bastard Squad - those sneaky Spec ops douche bags who creep around shooting dudes in the back.
Its 2015 and it seems America's influence in the world (along with its unity) has continued on its downward trajectory, what hasn't changed is paranoia. ChDKZ forces in northern Chernarus seem to have new backing - forceful investigation has been deemed necessary.

Feed, and Regard Him Not
You are one of six officers who have been chosen to receive medals for your service in Takistan. A convoy stands ready to escort you to the UN base where the award ceremony is due to take place. An easy journey is anticipated, since Army Intelligence are convinced we are now in full control of the central region of Takistan. To impress this success upon the international media, the convoy will travel with an escort of only light vehicles and a couple of relatively lightly-armed air assets.

Single Player missions

Pretty Ninja
Operation Arrowhead has been successful so far. Following yesterdays air assault, USMC forces seized most of their designated objectives in northern central Takistan. The USMC force, TF Reaper, advanced north and reached the vicinity of Zavarak green zone, one of the last strongpoints for fleeing Takistani insurgents. It is vital that TF Reaper seizes the area around Zavarak to allow passage of battalion elements to reinforce the attack on Rasman airfield.

Dear Gunter
You are an german KSK group sniper. Your task - eliminate high rank takistan officers. Three shots - three kills... Or 10... Or 20 shots... Or kill all enemies in killbox. All in your hands.

Ground & Pound
The Takistani Army has attacked the UN Peacekeepers protecting the southern populace and the oilfields thus violating every UN sanction against it. With this fragile peace broken the US and it's allies are preparing another invasion of Takistan. Before we invade we need to secure the southern airfield for a staging area of the main invasion force. You(Team Sandman), Viper and Whiskey teams will be inserted via chopper at night and are tasked with taking over the airfield. You have control over all 3 teams and various methods of air support. You are the tip of the multinational spear, enjoy the action.

Balota Highway
Lieutenant Jim Smithers is leading a challenging midday operation in order to capture an old allied airstrip back from insurgents. With limited manpower but good weaponry, will they manage to clear the coast for reinforcements in time or is it time to get beaten by insurgents endless counter-attacks and guerrilla tactics?

Flashpoint: Chernarus - BAF
You are a lone soldier lost in a warzone.
Random location, time, weather
Random enemy and Random friendly forces.
Infantry, vehicles and aircraft spawn randomly as the player moves around, or other units are killed.
The mission plays completely differently every time.
This is an instant action mission, your objective is survival, the player is in a dynamic and ongoing warzone that is constantly changing.


Limited Assets - Isla Duala Co-13
This is a non-linear campaign map for patient adults who enjoy immersion, coordination, planning, recon, resource management, and some measure of realism (e.g. the only teleporting is via revive script respawning). Many different simwar experiences are available here: everything on the Direct Action / Stealth Ops continuum, ground pounding, helicopter and fixed wing combat (both air-to-air and air-to-ground) and airlift ops, car ops, armor ops, boat ops, capture, assassination, and special operations involving working with civilian members of the Molatian underground. Several custom scripting features provide added variety and enjoyment.

Operation: SharpEdge
You and your team have been dropped off at a village near Zargabad.
The city Zargabad is infested with militia forces and supported by the Takistan army with motorized and air patrols.
Your job is to advance to the city and complete multiple objectives that you will receive along the way.

Virtual TrainingSpace 3.5
VTS allow the Game master to create multiplayer cooperative missions in real time (players connected). with a lot of short cuts to make it quickly
You don't need to know anything in scripting or mission editing
it's really easy to use and intuitive, you can spawn everything on the map just in 2 clicks
You can play in MP or SP (very good to test new islands, vehicles or to use Arma in Role play with friends)
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