Grand Theft Auto IV Mods Pack #2
This package is a collection of twenty modifications for Grand Theft Auto IV.

Included Mods:

Exaggerated blood mod v1.16
Re-textures blood splatters, wounds and increases the size of splatters.

Nude stripers
It says for yourself :)

Lost and Damned PC Mod
The Lost and Damned Unlocked IS the first heavily modified mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto PC.

The Lost and Damned unlocked,
Lost and Damned is the first DLC expansion for GTA IV and this unlock mod provides custom made scripts, textures transforming GTA IV, and includes some of The Lost and Damned unlocked files that were actually left inside the PC version of the game. Niko will be transformed into biker Lost and Damned Johnny with biker jacket, gloves, bike, weapons, and extra features.

Strip Club - more Sexy Girls
new sexy girls in the strip club.

Sex Shop TV uncensored
This little modification uncensor the tv programme in the sex shop

Drifting Mod
This mod allows you to drift with any cary you want.
In Readme file you'll find 3 handling lines for different types of cars. In my opinion this is the most realistic drifting mod.

Dashboard Camera
A basic mod that modify hood/trunk camera to make it a Dashboard camera...

Big car damage v2
Now automobiles at collision are deformed more strongly.

GTA4 Environment mod v3
All environment files rewritten from scratch to get more realistic ambient light, direct light, water etc.
Increased trafic and view distance for peds and cars.
Softened the shadows so it should be less dark in the shadows.
Headlights and all other light edited to be more narrow and more bright/ view distance.
New water colour and summer green trees with reduced flicker
Included all shaders from patch3 and 2 files from patch2 for nicer shadows on lower resolutions.

Real Exposion Mod V2 Final
This mod make more relistic explosins.
-Granades Rocket power

Realistic Driving n Flying 2.7
Version 2.7 features a major realism upgrade for the "advanced" handling. Tire properties and brakes of all cars have been reworked to be more realistic.

Realizm IV v4.0
-realistic textures for cars,handling and name.
-realistic textures for weapons and damage
-realistic explosion,water,blood
-realistic peds damage
-realistic street names
-better graphic
-more fps
and more.

More Liberty v3
More people and cars to the streets, some important areas have been adapted to the real.

Busses driving around the city
This mod will allow to let busses drive around the city. Normally they only appear at Star Junction (but not driving) and sometimes around the airport. Now you will see busses everywhere in the city.

Weapon Realism Mod v1.1
This mod's goal is to tweak weapon attributes to make them behave more like their real world counterparts, while keeping them balanced in the context of the game. Important changes include extended effective range for most weapons and tweaked accuracy, damage, rate of fire and magazine capacity for some others. The net result of all this is the weapons are more logical in terms of specs and capabilities, are more satisfying to use and -- under the right circumstances are significantly more effective, both in the player's hands and in the hands of their opponents.

matureMODS Blood-Mod v6.0

GTA IV parkour mod

Higher Peds View Distance

High-Detail Textures

More Power
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