StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #15
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.


Kerrigan's Vengeance
Raynor's Raiders are on the brink of activating the Xel'Naga relic on Char! Undo the damage the Terrans have inflicted on the homeworld of the Swarm and push Raynor's forces back so you can destroy him once and for all!
This is a single-player mission, similar in style to DOTA. Kerrigan must destroy the Terran's base guarding the Xel'Naga artifact. There are multiple secondary objectives around the map to aid Kerrigan in her conquest. Use earned minerals to upgrade your troops and beef up base defenses.

Despererate Alliance remake (solo)
-All original "Desperate Alliance" scenario story from Starcraft I, back in the old days, with a lot of added stuff, like, guess what, secondary missions!
-All transmissions included of course, but with extra made-up dialogues in poor English!
-Brand new breathtaking half-working cinematics!
-More suspens, more stress, more difficulty, more bugs; in one word: more fun! (Oh, and drama!)

Twars-The New Element
This is the sequence of de campaing "Twars", the mission goes in the volcanic Planet "Cratera", where Rico and your troops must explode a base of the crater, and find a rare cristal with a strange powers.

Starcraft 2 - Brood War
Terran Vehicle and Ship Upgrades Level 2/3 now require a Science Facility
All completed units will spawn at the bottom left of the Structure (affects CC/Nexus/Rax/Fact/Starp/Gate/Robo/Starg)
Magic Box reduced in size back to default
Mineral Harvest Time increased from 4.3 > 5.4
Workers no longer "Wait to Harvest" on Minerals
Lurker Spines now extend slightly faster
Spider Mine agro radius increased from 2.6 > 3.0
Psionic Storm radius increased from 2 > 3 (double that of SC2)
Corsair size reduced
Vespene Geyser/Refinery/Assimilator/Extractor reverted back to 3x3 footprint due to problems
Mutalisk morph to Devourer/Guardian now morph's all selected Mutalisk's. not one at a time.
Fixed Buttons on Robotics Support Bay
Fixed Spawn Positions on some maps
Added advertisement for SC2BW Chat Channel

Purity of Form
PURITY OF FORM is a five-mission, fully-voiced, story-driven campaign for StarCraft II.
A UED commando stranded in Dominion space after the Brood War, RYAN KLIGSEN has survived by hiding his true nature. A cybernetically-modified super-soldier with the ability to regenerate wounds, he must masquerade as a simple veteran to avoid arousing suspicion.
Stranded on Mar Sara after a tour with the mercenary War Pig company, Kligsen is finding it increasingly hard to maintain his cover. The local marshal has taken a dislike to him, and seems to enjoy provoking the battle-weary stranger.
Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Kligsen, a wealthy eccentric named JUSTIN ESCALIO has landed on Mar Sara in search of a mercenary commander with very particular qualifications...

SC1 - Backwater Station - Remake
A remake of the 2nd mission from the StarCraft 1 Terran campaign.

SC1 - Jacobs Installation - Remake
A remake of the 4th mission from the StarCraft 1 Terran campaign.


Shadows of the Tal'Darim
The Protoss and thee Tal'darim were fighting above restored Haven. Shortly after the Terran colonists sent up a battlecruiser from the surface, a sub-space Vortex opens up above the planet, engulfing several vessels. Trapped and stranded 85 years in the past, our heroes grow tired of waiting for reinforcement The Tal'Darim have set up fortifications, while they gather enough materials to launch an assault on Aiur (and through their madness, destablize time itself!)
With vast library of items (helm, chest, shoulder armors, accessories, and combat consumables. Content difficulty scales with amount of players present. Access 4 types of vehicles in a GTA style. You can even pick up your friends with a dropship and drop them off at a quest zone!
Level 40 cap, store up to 3 heroes online.

When a fringe world is invaded by the Zerg, a squad of six soldiers strives to survive amidst the infestation. Not being able to count on help from the Dominion, they must rely on each other to escape the planet. Their only chance is a medivac located in the nearby Dominion base. The only catch is, hundreds of Zerg are in the way...
Fringe is a cooperative RPG designed to emphasize combat, rather than standing around managing items or assigning points. The players must move through the map to complete objectives, while fighting against a variety of computer controlled Zerg. Heroes can be revived after a short delay, but if all heroes are dead at the same time, all players lose.

Mini games/Hero arena/Tower- Base defence

Snipers Promod
it can be up to 4vs4 and its a 12 minutes match the team with more points at the end wins. 1 Kill = 1 Point for your team and if you capture the flag you get 5 Points. After respawn you are invulnerable for 2 seconds so theres no spawn camping.
Both Teams have camera facing the other team base.
Hide behind trees and walls and be fast!

Evolutionary Arena
A four player map in which players spawn base units on a timer. They will receive more units for each of four beacons they control in the middle portion of the map. Player can also sacrifice base units at their base to fuel powerful spells or 3 at the center beacon to receive 1 of the next upgraded level of unit.

XeA Tournament
-XeA Tournament is NOT a First or Third person shooter!
-XeA Tournament is the next level in Sc2 games.

Yet Another Build Order Tester (YABOT)
This project is series of standard 1v1 Blizzard maps adapted to include a sophisticated build order testing system. The goal is to execute the chosen build while keeping up worker production and creating the largest army possible. The AI will execute a given build order or execute a random one. At the end of the round, you are given a score which tells how well you executed the build. Also included is a "Freestyle" mode, which monitors your play and displays the build order that you performed.

Krazy Kodo Tag
Build structures, gather resources, fight back, or simply run from the attacking kodos!
Features: + World of Warcaft High-Res Kodos.


Commando Wars 2
Commando Wars 2 is a remake of the original Starcraft Commando Wars. The game plays with a max of 12 players, 2 players per team. Game plays is very similar to the original where you spawn with 2 marines, you run out to the field to convert them and to fight other players. The more kills you get the more marines spawn for you when you die. Winning is based on the number of players in the game, each player contributes 100 points to the victory score so 6 players is 600 points and 12 players is 1200 points.
Units are worth half the number of marines they are to receive, so a 12 marine unit is worth 6 points to the killing player. Players that fall behind have a couple new options for catching up.

Training map

Template Maps
Template maps contain terraining works only, they are free to use in any singleplayer / multiplayer mission you want to create.


SC1+2 Total Conversion
This map allows users to play with both Brood War and Star Craft 2 units when they fight each other. Computer AI works properly.

The Normal Island
A 2v2 / 1v1 map... My second melee map. The first was not that good but i surely hope that this one is better. 12 Places to build base ( 6 If all players are in) And two Rich mineral Fields in the middle of the map. There are 3 ways to get up to the opponents base: Destroy the to destructible rocks or go trough the main gate... 2 Xel' Naga towers in the map. 6 Destructible rocks.

In the middle there're rich minerals so the outcome of the game will very much depend on which team controls the middle.

Rooftop Gardens
A fast-paced melee map on city rooftops.
FFA, 1v1, 2v2, and custom teams (up to 4 players).
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