StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #16
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Base/Tower Defence

Zone Control Ultra
1 Main Spawn
4 Additional Ground Spawns
3 Additional Air Spawns
1 Addition Healing Spawn
1 Hybrid Spawn
There are upgrades for all units, Hybrid Destroyers upgraded through Protoss, Reaver through Zerg
Also There are additional Talent/Ability Upgrades
Any Balances Comment
A LOT less lag when 1000+ units
Heros are now going to be implemented

Avogatro's LAG-FREE TPS Engine WASD
Change log
-limit the total amount of WASD trigger fired
-hide warning panel
-add 500 hydra randomly for test

Creep Kills
Make your way through this randomized maze to the exit platform in the left upper center area of the map. But hurry! Creep is slowly crawling after you across the map. Don't touch it or else!

Survive while trying to kill a special made comp and using your partners and yours skills to take over the map.


Deep Trouble
Full-fledged underwater mission in the third person perspective. Features detailed water effects including realistic camera distortion (think Vashj'ir in Wow).
Play the part of Clod, a reckless mercenary who was shot down over the waterlogged planet of Permea. His ship has come to rest on the sea floor and it's up to you to help him find a way back into space.

Mara Sara Total Conversion
Its a 3v3 map,Everyone gets 4 bases, 4 Island bases, The 4th base is harder to protect put cannons, bunkers, spine crawlers 2 Xel'Naga towers with site blockers so noone can see the back expan is the rich minerals with rocks middle bases have 4 doors keep in mind that put cannons, bunkers, spine crawlers in all doors

Shadows of the Tal'Darim
The Protoss and thee Tal'darim were fighting above restored Haven. Shortly after the Terran colonists sent up a battlecruiser from the surface, a sub-space Vortex opens up above the planet, engulfing several vessels. Trapped and stranded 85 years in the past, our heroes grow tired of waiting for reinforcements.
The Tal'Darim have set up fortifications, while they gather enough materials to launch an assault on Aiur (and through their madness, destablize time itself!)
With vast library of items (helm, chest, shoulder armors, accessories, and combat consumables. Content difficulty scales with amount of players present. Access 4 types of vehicles in a GTA style. You can even pick up your friends with a dropship and drop them off at a quest zone!

The Turning
Unravel the mystery as you relive the story of Gabriel Tosh - why was it this man turned against the Dominion, and how? It's up to you to find out.

Rise Of The Zhul'Tam - Chapter III - Death From Below
Once upon a time, we're peaceful people. After, bloodly terrans attacked us. They killed my brothers. They took me and some of my brothers as prisoners. Now, time to revenge! Time to rise my clan again!

Impossible Scenario (F-2)
You must clear every scenario thrown at you where you have very limited units agaisnt big army. Good luck!

Starcraft 2 - Brood War
Beta version of my Ranking system. similar to iCCup.
Enabled by Default in 1v1 Games. Disabled completely in anything else. Disabled on BGH.
Win = 10 Points. Lose = -8 Points.
Rank increases every 1000 Points. if you drop below 250 points. you will be reset.
a Player may type "-reset" ingame to reset himself back to 1000 points 0W 0L.
Very experimental. Bugs likely to exist. if you experience any please provide as much information about the situation as possible.

Warcraft models.


Escape the Tower
The goal is to get your probe to the power generator at the center of the map. Stan by it for a few seconds to receive the key master buff. Escape the tower through the passage in the North using the buff. The buff will be transferred to nearby friendly units. Use stealth and power ups to avoid the guards.

If anyone is familiar with Warcraft 3 custom Diplomacy, I tried to emulate Europa in many ways in order to bring that same feeling back to Starcraft 2. You gain control points in order to gain income and supply.
Each faction has its own unique starting situation and strategy. In the next update there will be special units for each faction. There are twelve players possible in a full house.
The current unit system uses three tiers, which I have attempted to create without any unit redundancy, along with various special units. Most people who are interested in diplomacy already know how it works so I won’t go too far into specifics; the screenshots I have provided should give an idea as to how the alliance interface works and the quality of the terrain.

Wizard of Wor
This is a remake of the great classic Wizard of War from Bally Midway.


Unit Tester
A map where you can easily create and test out units. Get to know exactly what composition works great against what!

Battle of Distria
A melee map in a jungle forest. Try to defeat the enemy as you assume the role of the commander of the species of your choosing!

Hotkey Micro Practice
Hotkey each of your cannons and manually attack your targets, good for training mouse precision, and challenging for players of all skill levels.


A winter style melee map! (aka 1v1 map)
Players have 4 possible starting locations with a fairly easily defended natural expansion. Back door entrances lead to the main, but are blocked by extra destructible rocks. One path leads to the enemy, however, other destructible rocks block off plenty of other paths and other expansions.

The Purple Desert
A great 12 player map. You can play 3v3v3v3 or 6v6. One Rich mineral place in the middle of the map, 4 destructible rocks and 8 Xel naga towers. Have fun playing the map and thanks for playing. Veriath :D
Size: 44.42MB
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