ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead Map Pack #4
This package is a collection of ten maps for ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead.

Included Maps:

SP Mossions

The Battle Of Zargabad
Fighting between the Takistan Army and UN peacekeepers have broken out in Zargabad. US/GB reinforcements are facing heavy resistance before reaching the city from the south. Only Echo13 arrives in time.

Operation "Broken Wing"
As a part of the peacemakers on Takistan, U.S. Army is stationed at military base near Rasman... On his way to the base, one plane, C-130J is shot down near vilage of Nur. The plane contains one suitcase with some valuable documents. Your job is to go there with your squad, find the plane, pick up the suitcase and bring it to the base...

Genocide - Part 1: Revenge
"Lieutenant, your name will soon be in History books!" said Colonel Schmidt.
"After your great victory in Sahrani against those Takistans,you are now a celebrity!
Who knows how many countries those cockroaches would have invaded without your help!!
But now,it's time for us to prevent any other invasions from them.
I've received strict and formal orders from High Command: All Takistan people must be exterminated from this planet!
And the first part of this genocide will begin at Fallujah.
We all know how many difficult can represents such a situation for our conscience Lieutenant,but's that's orders,and entire world will be peaceful after that!
Of course,Army of Takistan will be strongly present in every place we've planned to clean,but they don't know when and where those attacks will come.
This first mission will certainly be easier than what you've lived in Sahrani,but keep in mind that they know very well their territory and they'll do their best to stay alive!
As usually Lieutenant: Good luck and take care of your medic and engineer!"

Genocide - Part 2: Ragnarock
"Here's the situation Lieutenant.." is explaining Colonel Schmidt,
"Our friends,the Italian Army, are currently cleaning Baghdad city,while England and Norway are very busy to exterminate Afgani Iraq and all Afghan villages.
The latest news we've received from them are quite positive. But the most important part of this work belongs to us!
You leave tomorrow for Takistan with your trusty team to end definitively with this population!
Careful Lieutenant,the largest army Colonel Aziz's elite will be present at the scene!!
You will have to fight four villages full of enemies. About civilians,you will have,of course,to exterminate all those you meet.
But be careful,we've been told there are business men,workers and metal bands on world tour. All came from Chernarus.
And if we want to avoid a diplomatic incident with Chernarus,don't shoot at them!
To clean the carcasses on site after the battle, three C130 full of wild boars will land on north airport.
This mission is really dangerous,the Takistanis are at home! But we know how much you are brave and clever Lieutenant!
I know you'll do it,and after that.....: Unlimited Champagne!!
Good luck to you and your men,you'll need it!"

Flashpoint: Takistan
You are a lone soldier lost in a warzone..
The scenario is completely different every time you play, and can be configured however you like.
Random location, time, weather
Random enemy and Random friendly forces.
Infantry, vehicles and aircraft spawn randomly as the player moves around, or other units are killed.
The mission plays completely differently every time.
This is an instant action mission, your objective is survival, the player is in a dynamic and ongoing warzone that is constantly changing.


Delta Force 1
A little campaign based on the Delta Force 1 game by Novalogic
There are usually three Delta Team in the missions, with Bravo the Team in command. As in the original, if Bravo is down the mission fails/is aborted.
All teams are playable, however in one mission (Weatherman) only 2 teams are present, and in one Mission (Masquerade) only Bravo is in use.

Operation Cobalt
Set during the events of Harvest Red, the player takes on the role of Peter Novak, a Private in the CDF. Akula Lopotev has seized command of the Chernarussian Communist Party in a violent coup and renamed it to the Movement of the Chernarus Red Star. He has declared war on the current Democratic government of Chernarus, and began a campaign of 'ethnic-cleansing' to rule out his competition. At first the CDF could contain it, but the ChDKZ slowly grew until they were overwhelmed. The President sent out a call for help, to which the United States sent the 27th MEU to Chernarus aboard the USS Khe Sanh.

Operation Dutch
This campaign starts at Utes. You play as a US soldier named Johan Klaasen. Together with your buddy Henk Pietersen you work at your missions.
After two days your first mission begin at Takistan. The Takistany militia have control over different towns and villages in the middle of Takistan.
Your task is to clear this mean area. After a while the Takistany army get involved and fighting against them is necessary to keep peace in this area.
All the missions are made so they look and feel realistic.

Operational Detachment Delta - RH
The Delta Force is one of two military outfits in the United States charged with counter-terrorist operations. Like the other, the Navy's Special Warfare Development Group (SEAL team Six), Delta Force can deploy at a moment's notice. But unlike DEVGRU, Delta Force doesn't officially exist. This campaign tells the story of an elite Delta unit operating in Takistan, tasked with recovering kidnapped military personnel.

Operation Mighty Justice
Takistan has been in chaos for the last few centuries. China and Russia tried to invade it in the last century, but they failed, because the warlords always unified when somebody attacked Takistan. But when they earned their independence, they start their own local war for oil, for opium, for manwork... This is just regular, local terror, who cares. Only the UN sends a few troops for peace keeping, but they are as corrupt as the Takistani leadership. Back in the USA, the people elected their first afro-American president, who promised he stop the war in Iraq. In Iraq the war on terror was still fought and victory was so far away, if they withdraw without reason, it would seem like a shameful retreat. So President Obama relocated the US troops from Iraq to Takistan. Operation Mighty Justice has begun. The US Army invaded Takistan to prevent mass destruction and massacre by Islamic radicals in the revolutionary government.
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