StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #17
This package is a collection of twenty two maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Campaign/ Legact/ Scenario

-Original fitfh Terran mission scenario from SC1, with all dialogues and features.
-Only original units, with the old tech tree. I bet you will start to feel back in the old days, with the apparition of the wraith, the dropship, Kerrigan ect...
-Also, lot of added stuff, especially cinematics and secondary objectives.
-More difficulty.

Protoss: Attack of the Heroes
Destroy the Terrans on this random planet.

Dark Origin Remake
This is a remake of the secret mission Dark Origin in Brood War. There's no ice tileset so I had to use Shakuras. This map features Zeratul as well as a bunch of Zealots and Immortals, 4 Stalkers, and 2 Colossi. You must find the stasis tanks to hear the dialogue. Ultimately, you must reach the glowing purple tank at the very top of the map to see the Duran conversation and win the mission. Be careful though: it's guarded by Thors.

Frigate Orpheon Part 1 (Deck Alpha) v2.0
This is the first part, featuring a cool reproduction of the frigate complete with computers, the dead parasite queen on fire, (the mammoth fossils doodad) and more! To get past the second set of force fields, walk toward the pillar and a short text message should appear. Then the force fields will be gone. And yeah, I know, the protoss force fields are cheesy, but there was no other way to emulate that part in the game. Anyway, enjoy!

Frigate Orpheon Part 2 (Deck Beta) v2.0
the second part of the frigate Orpheon in Metroid Prime. Starring infested Terrans as injured pirates, auto turrets as auto defense turrets, and Reapers as uninjured pirates. A realistic Biohazard Containment features the original "Fall of Zebes" data entry as a transmission with my voice and a Command Center portrait.

Frigate Orpheon Part 3 (Deck Gamma)
Here it is folks, the first boss battle in Metroid Prime: the Parasite Queen! The queen is a giant Zergling with a laser weapon from the colossus to emulate the queen's energy weapon.

Mini games/Tower base Defence

Outbreak 1-3 players coop with FPS / TPS / RPG and RTS modes
Starcraft 2 campaign mission Outbreak with zombies edited for 1-3 players cooperative with FPS/TPS/RPG and RTS modes

Sentryman tries to collect all minerals from dungeon before 4 evil Motherships will take him down!

Cat 'N' Mouse Jungle Evolved
Cat 'N' Mouse Jungle Evolved looks like the original Cat 'N' Mouse Jungle Classic from Starcraft BroodWar but it has queit the difference when it comes to gameplay. This is about survival of the smartest, unless you just want to blast your way to victory. You start out with nothing, and you have the chance to buy three custom abilitys, and how you use those abilitys will be the key to surviving and winning this game...

Baneling Gauntlet
Don't mind the marine, he doesn't get much air. Well to be more clear, you and your partner start off with a pair of marines. Your goal is to fight through hordes of banelings and make it (by running your ass off) to the other side. Everytime you successfully reach the end of a level, you will be rewarded mineral that can go towards buying new units and upgrades. If you make it through a level sustaining minimal damage, you will recieve a bonus award. The levels change as you progress. There will be more deadly and strange banelings to encounter and ambushes from the ground beneath your feet. How many levels are there? You're just going to have to beat it to find out.

Cat'n'Mouse Fights
Remake of Warcraft 3 Cat Catchs Mouse map. Now for SC2. Now in open space. Great battle of cats and mice continues. Bad old pussycats return to catch down the last mouse in the University.


This map starts out with 32 different randomly generated units, each with their own randomly generated stats, abilities, and behaviors. The best units have their genes swapped with another sucessful unit, and the resulting hybrid replaces one of the poorer performing units. Add the occasional random mutation and voila EVOLUTION!


Yet Another Build Order Tester (YABOT) v1.4
This project is series of standard 1v1 Blizzard maps adapted to include a sophisticated build order testing system. The goal is to execute the chosen build while keeping up worker production and creating the largest army possible. The AI will execute a given build order or execute a random one. At the end of the round, you are given a score which tells how well you executed the build. Also included is a "Freestyle" mode, which monitors your play and displays the build order that you performed.


Aiur Infested
The enormous map features eight bases, four at the top and four at the bottom. Wide gateways into the bases are difficult to defend or block off. Expansions are toward the middle and exposed. The Overmind sits in the center. If he is killed, the spine crawlers on the innermost expansions will die with him. The orange mineral expansions are blocked by fleet beacons. When the first beacon is destroyed, Tassadar will arrive on the map. He makes a line for the Overmind to destroy it, attacking anyone in his way.

Archi - Shanti Town
1v1 map made by Archivian

Archi - Moonday
Made by Archivian.

Archi - Thorsday
Made by Archivian.

Archi - Friggday Forest
Forest Combat Arid Wastes (2V2)
Team play map. Your ally is located nearby. Natural expansions are very easy to control, and each team can watch over the center of the battlefield with a Xel'Naga Tower. Rocks block off additional paths to the enemy.

Japura River
Its a 2 player map, but the rush distance is quite long and there are a lot of expansion possibilities, so it should be a macro oriented map. The 3rd base has instead of 2 normal geysers 1 rich geyser to ge more diviation. Please leave faire criticism to help me improve this map.

Solan Desert
A Huge 2v2 / 1v1 or FFA Map. Near the Start Locations are 3 Close Expos 2 with 5 Mineral patches and one with 7. Every expo got 1 Geysir. One of them is a rich Geysir. Between the Start Locations are 2 Other Expos. 7 Patches 1 Geysir and 8 Patches 2 Geysir. These Expos right at the Connections between the players. So if you Expand there Be sure ur enemy has to pass this.

Aincent Protoss Arena
4 player teams or ffa melee... Author spent alot of time on the central pavillion, and also on the torches and fog in the players base that change color to match the player.
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