Team Fortress 2 Map Pack #107
How to Install Maps:

Place the .bsp file into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\(your account name)\team fortress 2\tf\maps

Included Maps:

This map is way smaller than dm_SDM_final as it is just an arena map.
Pyros and Scouts can use sideways to flank their oponents from the forest, there are some sniper spots too, and Spies can crawl under the shrine for a safer path.
The map is using HDR lightening.

Arena Crazy Train Station
Arena map by Raphael "SHaDyCHGR" Leu


Release candidate 2 of the Arnold's map

From author RogerMasters

This is the first of a two stage attack/defend style map. The setting is Feudal Japan.

a2 changes:
- Removed any areas that might end up being dead ends.
- Fixed Scout Exploit getting to C.
- Reworked game mode for more dynamic play, moving away from degrootkeep's style.
- Opened point A.
- Decreased distance between Blu spawn and Points
- Added a new path to B that appears on A being captured.
- Altered Point C to change height upon capping A and as well as point B.
- New Layout for Blu Spawn
- Fixed all Torches to now light arrows properly.

Symmetry CP

An 32 player orange map, with 5 control points. Has been playtestet extensively over the last few weeks with up to 10 people and is a lot of fun.

From author Dust

This CTF mirrored map consists of two relatively simple intel rooms, connected by multiple routes spanning a deep chasm. The map has an emphasis on using multiple routes to prevent engie turtling as well as veritcal space and gameplay. Scout rushing is discouraged by placing items in areas that a scout would not normally go, as well as connecting the fastest scout routes to the best potential engie building spots. Basically, the tight constrictive paths that a scout wouldn't take, are the paths of least resistance as far as engie building goes.

A standard CTF map which uses the new construction pack as its main theme. The map focuses on flanking and alternate routes for both teams to steal the enemy's intelligence within the bunkers.

"The final goodbye to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The RED and BLU teams are spending their last evening on the island...
But still, they won't get out of here without a last challenge. The spies heard Remilia and Patchouli discussing about a Lunar Rocket called the "Sumiyoshi Vessel", hidden in the library Which team shall be able to summon it first?
Search the library, be the first to grab the magic scroll to summon the rocket!"
As this is a deathmatch map, the game shall continue as long as the players want it. But I added a forced Stalemate trigger in the map maker's room to restart the map (or switch to another one).
Well, the point of this map is having fun exploring it, playing hide and seek with friends, the more you are, the funnier it gets.

Jump Volcanic
19 jumps designed for demoman, also mostly possible as soldier.

Koth Aperture Science
Red are already inside Aperture Science, they spawn near GLaDOS room. They try to gain and hold the control point for 3 minutes. Blue spawn outside, in a helicopter area and they also try to gain control.
The design of the map is not symmetrical, kind of. It is designed so players tend to flow in one direction, like a spiral. It is possible to rocket or triple jump and travel against the flow. This flow will make players keep an eye behind them, and also a good area to defend.The map also contains 2 strategic points. If you simply walk over the “console” the light will turn green, enabling players through, either by a stairway or by removing fizzlers. These are not critical to winning the game, but do provide an advantage regarding flow of players.
Fizzlers block players, but allow players to see and shoot through. (Bullets travel to fast, so they hit even if they are being emancipated, I think)
There 3 static pair of portals, one per test chamber. You can portal through this, but these stay fixed. Only players can travel through, not bullets or grenades or physics objects.

Small Koth map with main point inside a cave.
2nd Version with various changes

Author nik.

Trade Battle Tank
Operate the tank. Press buttons include modes.
The red tank kills blue team ang blue tank kills red team.

s ideal for small, casual servers. It features two boxing rings in the middle, less than 10 feet from spawnrooms to the rings, and some bleachers for any spectators.

As the red team trys to escape from the zombie outbreak the hide inside an old RED central building, ...

bad idea.
The point of the map is to survive the zombies for 5 minutes inside a closed building, the survivors have 30 seconds to prepare themselves. good luck
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