Dragon Age 2 Mods Pack

DragonAge2-Mod_Pack.zip (20 file(s))
This package is a collection of twenty modifications for Dragon Age 2.

Included Mods:

Complete set of characters
Nightmare ready complete set of characters. All classes, all specializations, both genre. Fully equipped and full inventory. Best armors, best weapons. Optional file - extra gold.

All Specs - All Abilities
Did you ever want to make Hawke a tank, but lamented your lack of access to Guardian (Aveline's Specialization)? Did you want a healer, but preferred Merril's personality over Anders'? Or did you wish that Isabella could Assassinate?
With this file, every character will have immediate access to all FIVE specializations for his or her class (three Hawke specializations, plus two follower specializations). It will also give previously-closed ability trees to characters who did not have them (like Merril's lack of Creation)
Sorry, but this requires a new game. (Not my fault: ask Bioware why every other gda gets checked on load, but these only get checked when a character enters the party... )

Attribute Cap extended
Allows attributes to go past the hardcoded 100, the new limit is now 1000. Thanks goes to Gwetlung for finding where the attribute limit was stored.

Cooldown Tweaks
Reduces cooldown on most spells and abilities by 30-50%. Reduced taunt even more so you can actually use it when enemies pop up on each wave so tank is more useful. Includes files for Sebastian and Dog. Potion cooldown also reduced.

Archery Crit Build Up
Ever wanted to be an archer but you didn't want to lose that great critical build up ability dual wielding rouges can get? Well, now you can be an archer and have the ability! ...

Dragon Age II lvl 50
Max level that You can reach in DA II is 27.5, with this mod You can reach 50 in the end.

Mage AI Upgrade
This replaces some of the generic magic abilities various Mages have with spells that the PC uses.

Additional Spells
This video will teach you how to get 6 more spells for your mage.

Cost and Cooldown Tweak
Changes a few important spells and potions.
Increase your movement/running speed. Base movement speed is 6. The mods in this zip increase it to 12 or 9 depending on which one you choose.

Glowing Eyes for Hawke
This Mod Give Hawke Glowing Eyes Effect When You Activate Ability Just Like in Trailer ...

Total Freedom
Customizable, eliminates prereqs for abilities...

Unlock Companion Skill and Weapon Trees
Unlocks Companion skill trees...

Real champion armors
Real champion armor for all classes, from the start and fake champion weapons from fake blight prologue.

Item Restrictions Removed
A set of GDA files that will remove the various restrictions from DA2's equipment.

Evo_champs armor
Champions armor that upgrades as you increase in level. (All classes)

New Busty Armor with Dragon Tattoos
If you like tits, you'll like my new mod. A complete re-texture that took the better of three days to accomplish!

Heavy Templar
Replace champion armor skin to Heavy templar/knight liutenant for warrior class.

Prettier Aveline
A more attractive, yet still tough-looking Aveline.

Unlock Companion Armour Variants
Unlocks the "special" armour for Isabela, Fenris, Anders and Merrill.
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