Far Cry 2 Map Pack #22

To install the maps put the .fc2map file into this folder.
C:\Documents and settings\My Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2\user maps
C:\Users\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2\user maps

Included Maps:

Isla de la Muerte
UFLL and APR were both hired by archaeologists to guard the island from curious eyes. After the scientists removed an artefact from the digsite, they suddenly vanished without a trace. Both mercenarie groups believed the island holds power beyond imagination, leaving them fighting for upper hand over the digsite. Watch your back!
Designed for Team based game modes.
Size: Large (12-16 players)
Game Modes: ALL
- Symmetric map design for balanced teamplay
- 2 Assault Truck (M-249); 1 Jeep Liberty (APR); 1 Jeep Wrangler (UFLL)
- 2 Swamp Boat (M-249)
- 3 M-249's; 1 M2 .50 Cal.
- 10 ammo crates
- 3 Tunnels

Woodland Wonderland (Final)
Set on the Zambezi river near an abandoned work site, Woodland Wonderland is a Far Cry 2 custom multiplayer map. It's primarily made for Uprising but supports all gamemodes. Author focused on making the map not too sniper friendly.

Mirror District 1.2
Simple and smooth house-to-house fighting. Designed for Team based game modes.
- Symmetric map design for balanced teamplay
- 10 accessible buildings
- 2 Tunnels
- 2 Assault Truck (M-249); 2 Jeep Liberty
- 4 M-249's
- 10 ammo crates
- shootable fuel tank caps on 4 carwrecks
- 12 other explosives
- highly detailed environment

speedy's world (v 1.0)
It has a mountain, five islands, lots of water and ships.

Zalumans Jungle Reduxe
Added some new objects as well as support for more game modes.
DM, TDM and CTD, the strongest will survive wink
2-16 Players

Il covo dei pirati (Pirate's cove)

River Up (1.0)
A big river, 2 camps, cars, boat, turrets, defence, bridge, everything you need for a good time in multiplayer.

Pain Lands Reduxe
Updated Release!
Fixed some "Floating"
objects + added new/more objects.
DM, TDM and CTD, the strongest will survive wink
appropriate for 2-16 Players

Christmas Burg
Christmas is knocking on your door, waiting for you to celebrate Christmas
with a brand new map called "Christmas Burg" created by Hydragod.
It's too cold outside so let's stay inside this time and warm-up yourself by playing this map.
Two groups of people do not like each other so they started a battle.
A battle about which team can celebrate Christmas on it's best!
Santa have sent both teams a gift, ammo crates for everyone!
Join a side and go celebrate Christmas like never before.
Bring Christmas alive like never before with this new Christmas Burg map!

2Church (Farcry 2 base)
The map is comprised of a town with two churches at either end. there are three capture points on the map that each side must fight for in Uprising. In CTD you must take the diamonds placed in the other factions church and return them to your church.
This map supports 16 player Team DM, CTD and Uprising.

Size: 40.85MB
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