StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #18 (20 file(s))
This package is a collection of twenty two maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Mini games/Tower base Defence

Grinder CTF
It is space arcade-shooter arena on flag capture for 8 players.
An original engine for the fighters, as much as possible approached to a reality, completely based on program physical model.
Control is carried out by keys WAD and a space.
Shooting is carried out by pressing and keeping of the right button of the mouse.
System of switching of the weapon and not infinite ammo.
An explosive gameplay on flag capture.
Now on a choice there are 3 characters with the different basic weapon:
-Rocket Launcher
-Plasma Gun
-Splitter Gun
All types of weapon the different mechanics of shooting. Also there are first-aid sets and charges for shield.

Crash Kill and Destroy! Mad Max returns! Madness on the road!

Ruin and Clatter
Defend your base and fight for your side in this strategic, relaxing and polished Tug of War game.
- Well designed map: you don't give minerals to opponent if your units are killed. There is no reason to give some help to winning players.
- No "nuke-required" gameplay. You can push back mass of units if you're good enough.
- Relaxing: No buildings, you can play with mouse only.
- Smooth gameplay: You can sell your previous bought units.
- Focus on action: The map is designed to let you watch the fight all the time, instead of be focused on your base.
- No frustration: "Dammit! I need 1 more mineral to produce that unit!" Is finished. Double income system.
- If you are in serious trouble, you'll get some help! Your extra income will increase for each tower you lose.
- Tiers system upgrading your units armors/weapons and unlocking abilities.
- Change lane (top or bottom) at will!
- Teams in lobby = Teams in game!
- 48 units among Terrans, Zergs and Protoss.
- Nice looking ambiant with moving water and variable ligthing.

Wintermaul: The Remake
The game basically goes like this: Everyone has their own spawn and lane, where waves of units move in set patterns towards a star ship. Every time a unit reaches the starship, your entire team loses a life.
When your lives hit zero, everyone loses. It's a largely cooperative game, requiring everyone to carry their weight. You select a race, train your builder and form mazes out of towers in order to combat the units as they attempt to pass your defences. Certain towers are good at killing certain types of units, so make sure you balance out your defence to handle anything that will come at you.

War of the Elements
Four elemental worlds meet at a crossroads; it is there that the forces of earth, air, fire and water battle for supremacy. Join forces with an element and defend it from the others, in return you will be able to call upon the champion of your element from your factory, lair, or robotics facility.

Storming Assault
1v1 basic base defence, secret codes will give you special heroes, one is stated in the load screen, if you add AbSolUteZeRO and message him, he will give you another code.

Cat'n'Mouse Fights
Remake of Warcraft 3 Cat Catchs Mouse map. Now for SC2. Now in open space. Great battle of cats and mice continues. Bad old pussycats return to catch down the last mouse in the University.
Good stable version of map for playing with up to 12 players.

Starforge: The Hunt
The Hunt is starcraft custom mini game based on duck hunt (nes 8-bit) here a short video showing a liitle of the game.


To Infest and Consume
This is about infesting. And consuming. And killing things.
It starts off rather chill. You and the other 5 players fall from the sky in zerg jelly sacs and come out as little tiny larva.
This is called the Feederling stage.

Special Forces: Elite
Based upon special forces, with a few additions and surprises. Features 15 units each with a new unique ability and tons of zerg swarms. Designed to be played with friends.


Starcraft 2 - Brood War

Starcraft 2 World of warcraft 1 player scenario.
You have a choice between playing as The Lich King, or, Lady Sylvanas

Multiplayer Khaydarin Depths (2V2)
Team play map, your ally is located nearby. Forward expansions bring your front lines considerably closer to your opponents. Destroy rocks to make use of the rich mineral locations throughout the map.

HiveMind Melee
Red team vs Blue team, multiple players control 1 base in an otherwise standard SC2 1v1 game.
In other words, multiple players act as a single player in a 1v1. Split responsibilities, micro as an offensive player, macro as the builder, do whatever suits you. Work together to defeat the enemy team.

Archi - Rainbow Island
made a by Archivian

Archi - Ruin
made a by Archivian

Archi - Urban Flux

Archi - Versus
New updated version,added Destructible rocks at the gold expos, these rocks are 1000hp and +2 Armour Cinder Fortress (3V3)
Team play map, you share a fortress with your allies. Initial expansions are easily defended, but additional expansions push towards the enemy. Utilize a Watch Tower to help defend your team's forward position.

Tal'darim Altar LE (2V2)
There are two easily defendable expansions in front of your main base. There are multiple paths to navigate around the center, so make use of the Watch Towers.
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