Minecraft Mods Pack #2

Minicarft-Mods-Pack2.zip (33 file(s))
This package is a collection of thirty modifications for Minecraft.

Included Mods:

Aesthetic and Functional

MessiahAndrw's Minecraft Renderer Wrapper
Custom full screen res, change 3D depth, anaglyph colours, NVidia 3D Vision, cross-eyed. Doesn't modify minecraft.jar.

Originally made by Ayu, this mod allows you to quickly cut down trees with a golden axe!

More Stackables
Makes food and buckets stackable, but unusable when stacked. It also makes doors, signs, saddles, minecarts, and boats stackable.

Material Detector v1.8
Shows the surrouding environment with possibility to indicate the position of some specific materials like diamond or iron (or whatever you want). Useful to search and dig efficiently some rare materials.

Tool Repair
Uses crafting grids to repair tools and armour.

Better Food
This mod allows you to stack food items in up to 32 units per stack. Food in stacks of 4 or less can still be consumed from the inventory quick bar. It also prevents you from eating food when already fully healed so no accidentally wasting food. Attacking monsters while holding food will heal the monster 1 health per hit and damage the food by the same ammount, until the food item is gone. Hitting blocks just slowly ruins the food with no benifit to anyone.

Death Chest 1.3
If you have a chest in your inventory when you die, it will be placed where you die, or in the closest available spot. The chest will be filled with as many items as possible. Any excess that won't fit in the chest will be dropped.

GrapplingHook 1.4_01v1
A deliciously imbalanced multi-purpose device for moving around quickly. Grappling hook, climbing rope, gravity gun, all in one.

Chainmail + Tool Repair
Adds Chainlinks to make Chainmail as well as repair and upgrade recipes for Tools and Armor.

This mod allows you to place a single iron ingot into a crafting grid to produce 4 Chain Links. These can be used to craft chainmail armor.
(requires Risugamis' modloader)

Tele Compass v1.2
This mod upgrades the compass so right clicking while it is selected on your inventory bar will teleport you to your spawn point. You can use this feature 32 times per compass before the compass breaks. If you right click while sneaking you will use up 16 of your charges and reassign your spawn point to your current location. If you try to teleport while within 8 blocks of your home location it will instead act as a return trip using 4 charges and returning you to the last place you came home from.
(requires Risugamis' modloader)

MiningTNT 1.1_02v1.
TNT won't destroy the drops from blocks.

303Arrows 1.4_01v1
An extended version of Risugami's excellent Elemental Arrows mod.

Single Player Commands [V2.7_2]
This release introduces 8 new commands and a number of changes to existing functionality, as well as a detection system which will let you know if you have installed Single player commands wrong and a little bit of information on how to fix it.

Optimine (unofficial) [1.4_01]
This is an updated version of Scaevolus's Optimine, which seems to have been abandoned by its owner after B1.3_01. It improves FPS, especially for older computers. Gains of 10FPS and more are common.

Nature Overhaul and CJs Snow Mod [v0.9.6]
Ever thought Minecrafts forest and nature system was rather unrealistic?
Boring? Uneventful? Then this mod is for you.

Duke Nukem 4 Minecraft
In a world where aliens kidnap our hot babes while trying to get away with it, only one man can save womankind from extinction.
His name is Duke Nukem.
Now, for the first time, get ready for some Duke action in Minecraft.

zombe's modpack V4.13 upd
Currently contains: "flying", "recipe", "cart", "wield", "compass", "build", "cloud", "path", "spawn", "sun", "safe", "craft", "boom", "ore" and "teleport". Each mod has its own uses.

ConvenientInventory [v1.2.4]
Significantly reduces the amount of clicks and moves to move and craft items.
-Fast Transfer: Move items between Containers and the Players Inventory with only one click
-Fast Crafting: Craft a full stack of items and automatically move it into your inventory
-Sorting: Automatically sort the contents of your Chests/Dispensers/Inventory, ... with only one click!
-a compatible version for the "TooManyItems" MOD is available

New Content

IndustrialCraft [v6.06]
Adds more than 40 items ranging from batteries to water mills!

Elemental Arrows - 303's Arrows
Includes and extends Elemental Arrows. Adds a dirt arrow, torch arrow, slime arrow, egg arrow, explosive arrow, fire arrow, ice arrow and mob arrow. There are three extension arrows which are warp, grass and confusion arrows.

Balkon's WeaponMod v3.2
Throw a spear in a zombie's head! Cut a skeleton in half with your brand new halberd! Shoot some slimes in pieces with an old musket! And more!

Humans+ 1.4
Adds several human and humanoid NPCs some friendly and some hostile.

SDK's Guns (+ATV), Grappling Hook and Utilities [v3]
Adds 12 different types of guns, 5 grenades, several new blocks, and a bunch of different utilites.

Adds a lot of new items, some new blocks and some planes. Planes can fire machine guns and drop bombs. For SSP and SMP.

This mod adds balloons and airships.

Portal Gun [v2]

Builders mod
This mod will add 9 new human builder mobs to minecraft. These mobs will build all over your world, by placing

blocks and building structures. Backup your saves before use. Currently, for unknown reasons, the mod may occasionally freeze your game.

This mod incorporates new ores, tools, weapons, armor, mobs, etc in Minecraft to enhance game play.

Mod components

MyCraft Mod Manager
Version 2.1.1

ModLoader Beta 1.4_01
A mod, kind of like a mod manager, that stops conflicts with mods that alter rendering, recipes, add entities, gui, smeltables or fuel. If you're a modder, feel free to decompile this and learn how to make mods work with it. Inherit BaseMod and override any functions as necessary. The mod's main class file should be prefixed with 'mod_'. Support for 303's modifications is included.

Does your mod need simple, configurable options? Do you not want to edit core Minecraft files to do this? Or did the mod you just download tell you to come here? If so, you're in the right place.

Updates the sound system in Minecraft to allow support for three more file types and allows the ability to add custom music.

Lahwran's GUI API
Size: 15.77MB
Downloads: 1,355
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