Team Fortress 2 Map Pack #108 (20 file(s))
How to Install Maps:

Place the .bsp file into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\(your account name)\team fortress 2\tf\maps

Included Maps:

Arena railyard is a small size snow theme map, originally a CP game mode now ported into more fit Arena

cp_cruff is a 3 stage sequential CP map in the dustbowl vein. It takes inspiration from dustbowl (durr), goldrush and gorge (amongst others). I'm trying to build a map that plays like a blend of all three of these, with a bit of high-tech Red mountain base thrown into the mix for good measure.

A 5 control point map, set on the "the highest peak in the U.S.".
According to my TF2 experience, there is bound to be - and RED and BLU will be fighting over its ancient treasures.

By Ezekel

Blastoff Remake Beta
This is the first version of a overhaul of author 'Puddy" old map Blastoff.

Alpha 7 of the map.

Rusty Pumpkin Bay
A Remake of Rusty Bucket Bay From Banjo-Kazooie. Return To the Rusty Bucket for a battle royale on the ship, but beware of its unwanted cargo...

This is a standard CTF symmetrical map. It consists of 2 moving rocket carriers racing side by side through the desert. The map idea and name was inspired from a UT2K4 map, however this map features a completely original design created specifically for TF2 CTF gameplay.

CTF/KOTH Scorched B2
Fight to gain control over the Volcanic Core! Welcome to Scorched, a volcano situated research facility that sits above a rather warm pile of lava! This map comes in 3 gamemodes, CTF KOTH and Arena. All versions besides CTF have dynamic lava based gameplay.

Second map of the outhor with more features including an elevator and doors.

A small King of the Hill map with a lot going for it. Sniper towers, river, campsite, and more trees than a botanist's house on Christmas eve.

Lakeside is a simple king of the hill map wich take place along an egyptian sacred lake.

Koth Aperture Science
portal map i uplaoded here because original site had to much problems so anybody who want it here u go not my map though so give author credit

This is the third beta, and maybe a release candidate, for koth_helix. The name comes from the helical shape of the ramps going around the outside. The map is unusual because the blue spawn, control point, and red spawn are all stacked vertically.

-Added additional paths from side corridors to CP room, with small health and ammo.
-Minor tweaks.
-Added Space Laser.

A small, frantic, King of the Hill map- great fun, even for small groups!

new layout, kothified, and all the things that go with being kothified.
also slightly less ugly. still ugly.

This is a remake of the epic TFC map "Murderball" created by TheDreadedPyro/Chris Thorsten. No Control Point-only or flag-capping, this is the real deal... Murderball-style!

This is perhaps the largest overhaul yet.

This map is focused on Versus Saxton Hale gameplay, but it can be used for Arena.
This rc2 is definitely different than what the map used to be. No more pine tree clusters, more different props, small hills, grass, zen chimes, and a few more easter eggs to make this map more enjoyable. Those who tested it were subjugated by the map's atmosphere.
Among those easter eggs, a hidden music is can be triggered in the map. Will you find the trigger? (tip: look up, in the sky)

Perhaps the single most important training map out there, TR_walkway was designed by pro Team Fortress 2 gaming teams to train their skills. It features a long walkway for bots to walk across, including a projection ramp for practicing airshot.
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