StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #19 (20 file(s))
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Campaign/ Scenario/ Legacy/ Roleplaying

The Signal
When a team of researchers disappears on a mysterious planet, Marcus Grant - leader of a highly sophisticated and elite mercenary faction, embarks on a mission that will change his life forever.

Struggle for the Depths
As a mercenary in need cash, you find yourself considering work from stranger and stranger people. You have been approached by the oddest creatures you've ever seen, representing what appears to be three seperate and rival factions. Firstly, a sect of snake-like leviathans who call themselves "Naga," then a group of odd miss-matched beings in a strange alliance of their own, consisting of "Gilblins, Kvaldir, and Murlocs" and third and possibly the most frightening; a dark and questionable bunch of fiends whom you can only remember as "children of the Old Gods," the words "Gods" being burnt into your mind by a searing and angry presence.
All three factions require basically the same task to be completed: Journey to a far off and removed planet lightyears from the Koprulu sector known as Azeroth. When there, find and locate a large whirlpool and make your way to the bottom of the ocean. Set up your base, and force the other two factions from the area. In return, a fair sum of money and upgrades to your forces courtesy of your new allies. Blood and tissue samples to evolve Zerg forces for underwater survival, heavy armor upgrades with life support systems suitable for Terran, and strange but surely ancient technology to assist Protoss in moving through water as if it wasn't there. Some of your units may change in drastic ways with this technology applied to them. You've noticed other mercenaries considering helping the other factions, so you're sure you're in for a battle with other Protoss, Terran and

Who will you chose to ally with? You cannot possibly help all three factions with the same goal. You will have to make a wise decision if you want the rewards, and more importantly, if you want to survive the task.

Starcraft: Episode I - Rebel Yell
-all 10 original missions + the tutorial
-original SC1 units and structures with original stats, including custom models
-original SC1 Terran soundtrack
-all the dialogue, voice acting & other miscellaneous text from the original campaign
-custom classic decals, such as Alpha Squadron, Sons of Korhal etc.

Among the Ruins
This is a remake of the firt mission of the Zerg campaign.

The New Dominion
The 3rd Zerg mission in SC1 where you have to pwn Duke's forces while protecting the chrysalis. Special thanks to Blizzard for putting the real chrysalis so I don't have to make an egg blown up to many times it's size. Transmissions and tech tree limitations are featured.

Hand of Humanity (Campaign)
Campaign has 3 missions at the moment and more will be released.
This campaign is a story of organisation called Hand of Humanity. They begin a fight against Minestar Corporation that owns almost 90% of planet Earth resources and their endless greed has driven regular people into desperate situation.

Shadows of the Tal'Darim build (0.89a)
Shadows of the Tal'Darim is an Online RPG for Starcraft II that spans across multiple maps. This project is ongoing, and the first 2 acts are complete. Players can improve their hero through talents, stat points, mercenaries, and 130 peices of gear. Content difficulty scales with amount of players present. Access 4 types of vehicles in a GTA style.

Base/Hero defence

Income Wars 5.38
This is the original and famous Income Wars from


Son of Stetmann
Son of Stetmann is a 2D platform shooter for 1 to 4 players in which you navigate a military compound and shoot all in your path. Use W,A,S,D to move and Space to auto-fire. It is a demo containing a single level and boss.

Card Shuffle
A fast paced competitive Card Game blended in to with real time strategy. Playable up to 6v6, each player picks a hero with unique abilities as well a deck to play with. Summon units & cast spells, working with your allies and destroy your all the opponent's heroes.
-A cool UI, easy to use and pick up.
-5 Heroes to choose from.
-8 decks to choose from.
-Completely unique unit's and spells.
-Lots of re-playability.

Ghost Tournament
Third person shooter with different play modes including Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and

It's now possible to enter/exit vehicles, shoot from vehicles and run over other players.

Domino theory
Melee mod applied to 1v1 2v2 or 4 player ffa.
Instant learning curve included : The mod consist of melee gameplay. Any change / additions will be easy to understand/enjoy...
Maps will also feature destructible buildings/objects blocking or constricting pathways (with varying hp counts)
and lots of losb use. (maps are always updated on bnet first, so that's where the most recent version will be)


Yet Another Build Order Tester (YABOT) v1.4.1
This project is series of standard 1v1 Blizzard maps adapted to include a sophisticated build order testing system. The goal is to execute the chosen build while keeping up worker production and creating the largest army possible. The AI will execute a given build order or execute a random one. At the end of the round, you are given a score which tells how well you executed the build. Also included is a "Freestyle" mode, which monitors your play and displays the build order that you performed.


Xel'Naga Armada
Xel'Naga themed space platform map, that encourages air battles, dropship-play, and with limited space to build, forethought in building placement.
Notable Features
-Starting base has Rich Minerals, but fewer nodes than other resource areas.
-Center expansion is defended by Xel'Naga Hybrids.
-Resource caches surrounding the central Xel'Naga Watchtower, which is guarded by Hostiles.
-Natural Expansions only accessible by flight.

Archi - Protosopolis Gardens
4 player Protoss city zen gardens.

Archi - Dark Citadel

Archi - Zerg Mountain

Archi - Infested

Archi - Evening Bloom

Archi - The Machine
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