Mass Effect 2 Mods Pack (14 file(s))
This package is a collection of twelve modifications for Mass Effect 2.

Included Mods:

EVE Nude Mod
Allows you to view the female Commander Shepard in all her glory. Only works for Female Shepard. Requires the use of TexMod and the Modified Coalesced Utility.

Maxatv's Super Mod
This one comes with a RCW Mod Manager file or a coalesced.ini.
This mod adds MANY cheats, shortcuts, and updates, too many to name here. This may be the ultimate cheat mod!

Key bindings cheats And Weapon and Armor mod
All weapons available, EVEN the special ones, for you and your squad at the start of the game. All Armors available at the start of the game AND Key Bindings Cheats.

Ammo Regen Mod Updated
This mod restores Mass Effect 2 to the hybrid ammo system seen in some of the earlier preview videos: you can fire until you run out of ammo and eject your clip like in this game, but you can also sit and have it recover with time.
Note that in this version there is no longer a way to manually reload your weapon, but there is still tactical benefit in that you can choose to either reload a clip or wait a bit for it to reload. Even with no clips in your weapon, the slow reload will still work - but will still be less effective than simply finding a new clip.

Edited / New Textures for ME2. Use TexMod.

SOFT mod
Does the following:
-Raises a little the maximum medigel capacity to 15
-Raises the maximum Probes capacity to 300
-Raises the maximum fuel capacity to 5000
-Increases the amount of ammo capacity for all weapons accordingly to the type of weapon (except for heavy ones)

StrudelMan's Alternative Outfits and Armor WITH ammo Regen For ME2 1.01
StrudelMan's Alternative Outfits and Armor WITHOUT ammo Regen For ME2 1.01
Alternative Outfits and Armor WITH ammo Regen For ME2 1.02
Tired of your Shepard running around the ship looking like a Cerberus sellout? This Coalesced.ini adds in dozens of different outfits and accessories for your Shepard, male or female, to wear both on the Normandy and off, including your old Alliance casual uniform!
Please note if you use the mod WITH ammo regen it will allow your ammo to regen slowly in combat. At the Cerebus base at the beginning of a new game you will need to empty your clip to reload in order to get out of the first room.

Mass Effect 2 Textures Improvements
The main goal of this project is to get rid of jaggy and blurry textures too much noticeable. This is not an HD or High Resolution texture project nor a custom skins project.
-The project now provides better normal maps
-Miranda (neck, belt), costume 1 & 2
-Jacob (neck, Cerberus Logo and other stuff), costume 1 & 2
-Mordin, costume 1 & 2
-Artefacts on custom normal maps fixed

Minigun Mod
This weapon is essentially the one used by Geth Prime. A Revenant that's 20% larger than normal, and fires much like the Main weapon of a YMIR Mech. However, I had to tweak the values in order to give it a realistic feel and shortcomings, because the original form of the gun is just too powerful.
I used Geth image for the weapon locker, so you'd be able to tell the difference if you also have the Revenant .

ME2 Armor parts and Patterns
ME2 full customizable armor parts and patterns.

Texmod v0.9b
TexMod is an utility to find, save and modify textures in Direct3D 9 (!)applications. In order to share and distribute texture modifications, packages can be created, which are both compressed and prevent a further modification.

Modified Coalesced Utility
File required to have the EVE Nude Skin for Mass Effect to function.
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