Age of Empires 3 Map Pack #9 (20 file(s))
How to Install Maps:

Unzip the file, then place the *.age3yscn file into the My Documents/ My Games/ Age of Empires 3/ scenario folder

Included Maps:

Single Player Scenarios/Campaigns

Death Valley
Epic land and naval battles, Capture buildings that give free reinforcements, Teleport your army behind enemy lines, Construct Fixed Guns anywhere on the map, Mount infantry on horses, 3 difficulty levels, for TWC.

Roanoke 4: Tales of Two Shadows, Chapter 1
Farther into the future the great Roanoke people and other newer friends who have survived still struggle to stop Jod and Ickh. This new area of time is confusing to them, great changes of history have been made by Jod and Ickh to help their situation in the future, and to help the Ones("owns").
Their destiny will happen. The Freemasons are also trying to stop them and use Ones("owns") themselves, the Freemasons are only trying to gain power by doing so. The strange people of the ruined Roanoke including Virginia and Brogs struggle to stop Daniel Boone and Jod from stopping them.

Roanoke 4: Chapter 2 V1.1b
When Virginia gained the trust of the United States of America, and stopped Jod, all it did was give Ickh(A(as in the word a)-Uk(as in the word buck)) a new idea; he was going to take over the entire country. During this time, he has already been able to break the Northern and Southern colonies from each other. He did so with the evils of slavery and the British. The Southerners wanted slavery, but the Northerners did not; so, they came into a civil war. The Revolutionary war had only been won a few years ago, and this showed the British that the Americans were weak. The British decided to join in, and invade the states that they could. The Northerners and the Southerners hated the British in the beginning of the civil war, but soon the Northerners were losing, and they needed help. They called upon the British, and the British took over and won almost all of the Southern states, until the only place left to run for the Southerners was Florida.

WW2 The Great Crusade: Omaha Beach

Xamo - Race
For the one who is familliar with Xamo - Race scenarios from AOM/TT, he should know that playing this scenario is a lot of fun.
Seven small races in one scenario (some of them very difficult), will make you wish to win this race. A nice challanging scenario for all kind of fans, no matter the skills and experience.

Indian Conquest v1.6
Update! Version 1.6
You can now choose a difficulty level (moderate or hard) at the beginning.
The scenario title is now displayed at the beginning.
Changed in version 1.5f:
Bugs fixed
More objectives
Mini quests that can be completed immediately (once found) and don't show up in the objectives
If you defeat one enemy, another enemy gets a boost (extra units and buildings).

The Great War Campaign: A Short Scenario Prequel
World War One: The Great (Terrible) War
This is a scenario where you will be forced into the trenches and defending them while later attacking the enemy. This map does have a lot of units spawning but men rather die quickly so you must be strategically thinking about conserving troops and placing them in the right position.

Cannons In The Carolinas
Of course this scenario will work in TWC, but for best results, please use AoE3 original.

PortRoyal v2.1 Retired
version 2.1 new attack fix and ballance.
August 1707, at the request of the Governor de Vaudreuil, Castin with 150 of his brave Defeat the British at

Defend a large fort, Fort PortRoyal, for 30 min. Choreographed attacks make for new and different strategies. Also a chance to fight with Boneguard and fireships. Multiplayer scenarios

World Map v1
The main idea of this is simple. It's a nice, large map in the shape of the world. Players get to travel around and explore, and colonize wherever they wish. Whether they want to explore the African savanna or colonize the New World is up to them. Later though, classic AoE style gamplay will kick in. The rules are the same. Build up an army, and destroy the other players.

Random Map Script

Clifftop fortress
A large map containing a large fortress at one end. Enjoy!

Castle Blood Automatic
Yes the classic AOK game is back, it remains pretty much a perfect remake of the game. so choose your civ, make your unique unit and your away. with over 1000 triggers

Warrior Defence V
Buy units of your choice to defend against over 30 different waves of enemys.

The Alamo
Defend the fort against 7 mexican armies (hard)
Stay alive and defeat the mexican onslaught. To win, you must level the 7 mexican cities. Your only hope is to defend the fort.

Cap Blood
pawn armies from your base, capture strategic points throughout the map and destroy your enemies town centre.

The Fall of Russia
this scenario revolves around four European mercenaries sent to bring down Peter the Great, who has suddenly engulfed Europe with his armies. You play the part of Ulbrecht, Oskar, Cesare, and Magnus, and you progress through the map, defeating bosses as you go. The final boss is Peter the Great himself. You also rescue nootka warchiefs as you go, although this is rather imbalanced due to limitations in editor itself, but it's a nice feature I guess.

World map Conquest
Start with 1 caravel 1 explorer and 600 wood and explore and build an empire

French Guyana
The illumination of the map is common of the tropical climate, most of the time rains, with a landscape full of rocks is subject to attack from heavy artillery.

For Single-player or Multiplayer use. This is a map best for 2 team play - but FFA play has been enabled.

The Wild West

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