StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #20 (20 file(s))
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Hero arena

Bounty Hunters
Wandering in different locations, as a Bounty Hunter you'll have to survive to the others. You have one unit, no auto-attack and some special abilities.
Use your abilities subtly to trap, hunt and kill your enemies! A skillful and challenging map, which hilarious while playing with friends on microphone!

Base/Tower Defence

Ruin and Clatter
Defend your base and fight for your side in this strategic, relaxing and polished Tug of War game.

Zerg Assault
Your company of marines has been tasked with defending an important research facility, that recently came under fire from the Zerg. Armed with the latest and newest gear, you are to fend off waves upon waves of the Swarm.

Age of Man
Start up a civilization from the stone age to the future (beta/alpha atm).


Braxis Alpha District 10
Team play map, you share a fortress with your allies. Additional resources are nearby but further resources will push you towards the outskirts and away from your defendable position.

Monster Warrior: Desert Madness
Monster Warrior: Desert madness is a game where you must defend a fortress against oncoming hordes of enemies.
Key Features
Awesome Toys Take control of massive mechs, stealthy snipers, fierce tanks, and many other deadly units as you try to defend your Fortress until time runs out.
Deadly Enemies Fight a variety of enemies with unique powers that require different strategies and tactics for each type of monster.

Xel''Naga Station (2v2)
-In Base Expo with a back or side door
-3 Expo' s
-2 IsLand Expo
-4 Rich Expo
-4 Secret bases or sneek to there bases
-Everyone have rich gas for the main, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Your base is easily defended but nearby resources are harder to protect. Watch Towers observe the main paths across the map. Additional resources are challenging to hold in the middle of the map.

Xil Fortress
Team play map, you share a fortress with your allies. Initial expansions are easily defended, but additional expansions push towards the enemy. Utilize a Watch Tower to help defend your team's forward position.

Archi - The Machine II
Made by Archivian

1v1 rendition of the World of Warcraft continent of Nagrand in the Outlands. It is to be played as a one versus one and has a standard 8 mineral starting location with 2 vespene geysers and the natural expansion. Also includes high yield expansions and normal expansions.

Archi - Streets of Rage

Campaign/ Scenario/ Legacy/ Roleplaying

Twilight Struggle
This is a remake of the original, 1-2 player Blizzard made scenario map included in Brood War, Twilight Struggle. The original version can be found in the "scenario" folder of Brood War maps.
2 player Co-op - You and another player beat back the Zergs! back to back.
Solo run - You get control of the entire Terran Outpost and survive alone.
Multiplayer mindmeld - Team melee (share units) with multiple players.

Heroes of the Agria Valley Campaign
Single player base defense with HEROES and most of the story line technology available for research, play as Terran with full control of a Protoss base and fight against 3 Zerg Hives. This custom single player map has campaign style actors with original sound bytes and cut scenes. Download the map and drag-n-drop it onto your StarCraft II executable or shortcut to play.

Starcraft: Episode II - Overmind v1.01b
The second installment of the classic Starcraft campaigns. Uses the same mod file as the previous episode, and again, credit for the mod goes to MavercK. Also thanks to Ultraling for his initial work on the Terran episode, and GnaReffotsirk and others for the amazing unit models.

Hand of Humanity (Campaign)
MIssion 4
This campaign is a story of organisation called Hand of Humanity. They begin a fight against Minestar Corporation that owns almost 90% of planet Earth resources and their endless greed has driven regular people into desperate situation.

Clash of the Protoss
-Summon Units
-Upgrade Them
-Destroy The Enemy's Generator


Mech City
Far into the future the earth is covered in layers of structures built upon the ruins of past cities. Upon these installations you will be engaged in a war for Data. Your team must collect 10 Data units in order to achieve victory.
-This map uses an ASDF Movement control along with mouse-look and mouse clicks for firing.


Vulture's Nest
This map is a 4 player melee with several altered/added units and upgrades. It takes place on a Xel'Naga ship in high orbit over Char.

Zone Control Bel'Shir
This is a remake of the Zone Control Icecrown from WC3.
Playing the Game:
-Build Zone Controllers to get more units
-Destroy units to earn minerals
-Train or revive your hero at a Zone Controller
-Regenerate your hero at the zones in the corners of the map
-Press F2 to select your hero
-Press F3 to select idle non-worker units
-Press F4 to toggle
-Destroy all enemy buildings to win the game
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