ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead Map Pack #5 (23 file(s))
This package is a collection of twenty maps for ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead.

Included Maps:


A Noble Cause
Southern Takistan villages and it's oilfield has been under protection of a UN peacekeeping force but things around the region have intensified putting the force at risk. Finally under orders of Takistani Dictator Qasim Fahim the Takistani Army has moved against the world's sanctions and taken back the lucrative southern oilfields. They unleashed a vicious unprovoked attack on the UN Peacekeepers protecting the southern populace and the oilfields. With this fragile peace broken the US and it's allies are preparing another invasion of Takistan. Before we invade we need to secure the southern airfield for a staging area of the main invasion force. You(Team Sandman), Viper and WHiskey teams will be inserted via chopper and are task with taking over the airfield. You are the tip of the spear.

Blood On The Sand
3 years after the events of Operation Harvest Red, a new conflict arises in the Green Sea region. Colonel Muhammad Rahim Aziz, the victor of the 1992 Takistan Civil War, captured and killed Britsh geologist Richard Stephen and his team as they conducted surveys along the Takistan-Karzeghistan border. In response to this, coupled with previous accusations of his peoples' oppression and slaughter, a United Nations peacekeeping force is deployed to the region to ensure no further civilian casualties. However, things quickly get out of hand, and what starts as a humanitarian crisis explodes into all-out war.
You are James Stephen, the only son of the British geologist Richard Stephen and your deceased Chernarussian mother. You enlisted in the CDF in the hope that you would one day avenge your father's murder, but you were shipped out to Takistan as a peacekeeper and not as a soldier.

Broken Arrow
You are Adam Stein, leader of a small team of the US Army in the war against the Republic of Takistan. The first week of the attack was a success. The USA have captured a major Airport in south of Takistan and preparing for the assault into the northern territories. But...

Delta Force 1
A little campaign based on the Delta Force 1 game by Novalogic
There are usually three Delta Team in the missions, with Bravo the Team in command. As in the original, if Bravo is down the mission fails/is aborted.
All teams are playable, however in one mission (Weatherman) only 2 teams are present, and in one Mission (Masquerade) only Bravo is in use.

Feed, and Regard Him Not
You are one of six officers who have been chosen to receive medals for your service in Takistan. A convoy stands ready to escort you to the UN base where the award ceremony is due to take place. An easy journey is anticipated, since Army Intelligence are convinced we are now in full control of the central region of Takistan. To impress this success upon the international media, the convoy will travel with an escort of only light vehicles and a couple of relatively lightly-armed air assets.

SinglePlayer Missions

Mountain Warriors
You play in a Takistani Militia group which is attacking the US Outpost in Jalivur. Your not the squadleader so just enjoy to be lead by your Teamleader. Working Tasks, Taskhints and a small Intro. Hope you enjoy the mission! Feedback appreciated!

Operation Neptune Spear
Drop into Bin Laden's compound as a TL from Seal Team 6 and find the most notorious terrorist of all time. This time around he has a little more protection and the Seals get more of a fight, but the outcome is the same...Enjoy!

Operation Geronimo
Read an article in the newspaper or a webpage, Watch the news on tv... then fire up Arma and enjoy.....cheers!
Navy Seal Night Strike on Osama Bin Laden's Mansion.

Each time you start this mission you will get 5 random tasks at random positions. Your shift starts in the early morning, after 3 tasks we skip to a random time of day and change the weather to a random value.
There are 31 tasks, each task has at least 6 hand-picked positions. You start at the Rasman Airbase, the tasks are spread across the whole country of Takistan. Missions are: Troop transports, Evac's, Cargo and vehicle transports and some special missions...

Medical Emergency!
The mission is simple, you HALO into Zargabad, locate the Doctor and extract.
You will be inserted to one of the 4 points of the compass, N, E, S or W of the city by HALO at 5000 metres in the clouds. Search the marked houses on the map until you find the Doctor. Once found get yourselves to the Extraction Point, simple really. Oh yeah there might be some enemy around...

Co-op missions

Chernarus Apocalypse - Part One Co-16
This is a six-player zombie coop mission with four extra slots. You have to complete your objectives and survive against practically endless undead roaming all over the country. The zombies are resistant to bullets, and only a headshot is a sure kill. Your ammunition is worth its weight in gold, hence good aim and engagement discipline go a long way.

Domination DSO BW Mod Co-40
German and British forces are now in Takistan at FOB Revolver

Operation Crossgates Co-30
2 x 15 man BAF team. Mission objective is to investigate the loss of comms with a UN aid station in Ravanay.

Operation Hitman Co-02
A general from a highly dangerous militia is in town your job is to kill him and destroy an ammo cache near his hideout.

War in Takistan (WIT) : Operation Iron rains Co-40
"War in Takistan (WIT): Operations Iron Rain" is a cooperative mission that takes place in the middle of Takistan. U.S. forces are trying to establish a semblance of peace by blocking the terrorists who roam the mountains. The Russian and Takistans armies supports the terrorists that will protect the precious oil resources in the north.

Assassination of Khazai Co-05
Khazai is a Takistani warlord currently residing in Feruz Abad. We have monitored his operations for the last three years, receiving very compromising information from a source on the inside.
We know the Takistani army are supporting Khazai, and intel reveals that he is funding the Talibans. Also, European intel supplied us with a photo revealing, what seems to be, a scud missile in Khazai's possession. However, today the US embassy in Takistan received a photograph of Khazai executing our contact.
Our fear is that Khazai will try to make a quick move within the next few days. We need to hit fast and hard... we need to take Khazai out.

Combat Air Assualt U.S.Army - Celle Co-30
After the Takistani War, there were several faction leader's that were restricted from participating in the rebuilding of the Takistani Political System due to being responsible for violent criminal acts whilst involved with the former regime.Ensuing negotiations between those factions failed leading to an all out war in the streets of Takistan.This inturn led to an all out insurgency that some reports have stated is modelled around the Iraq insurgency of 2005.After much bloodshed, twelve months later only one Faction remained.Known simply as

the Takistani Militia.
This last well trained, moderately equipped group of highly motivated, hardened radicalist's are now the only hurdle in the way of a Free and Democratic Takistan. We,the U.S.Army, have been asked for assistance to put the final nail in the coffin to the insurgency.
- U.S.Army. Vs Insurgents.

Combat Search and Rescue Co-08
The objective is to secure a crash site, and rescue the dying crew member.

Air-War Over Takistan Co-20
There is 1 main airbase and surrounding area to neutralize in order to make way for an infantry special forces unit to raid in 18 hours time.
We must destroy all airborne aircraft at the same time as taking down all anti-aircraft weapon systems.Once air-superiority has been achieved there are tank units deployed close to the Airbase that must be destroyed before the infantry Assualt can proceed.Once most, if not all threats from the ground and the air have been neutralised there is fuel storage containers,hangers,a Radar Trailer,an HQ Buliding and parked aircraft to be destroyed for mission success.
Good luck airmen and women.

Takistan Force Co-20
From a collection of different missions the server randomly picks one mission at a time, let it take place at a randomly chosen location on the map of Takistan.
Every player is his/her own squad leader, being able to recruit AI squad members of all types (like in Warfare, without the money).
There are different slots to fill by players, each with its own responsibilities:
-Common Infantry
There are 10 different missions at the moment, like clearing a town, capturing high value assets, hostages, searching ammo caches, escorting a convoy to a solitary outpost etc. - a mission parameter can be set to the maximum number of missions the team has to accomplish or can fail, respectively.
A mission generally can fail, when the overall team's deathcount exceeds a certain value during a mission, so "not to die is vital".
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