StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #21 (20 file(s))
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.


Extremus Resisto
Survive aginst the Hybrid Army for 25 minutes and Defeat the Hybrid Boss at the End to Win. Your under constant attack and every 5 minutes the attack wave will get stronger. Use your Hero to protect your base while you build. The Hybrid Boss is Invincible only the Judicator can defeat him.

A New Order
"After the failure of Admiral Gerard DuGalle and the obliteration of the UED fleet in the process. More Mercenaries and Ex-Militia Groups are getting bolder and stronger. They started taking over land, resources and settlements. However because of the limited land and resources. The Mercenary and Militia Groups went into war. As groups surrender and get dissolved, 5 Groups of Mercenaries has joined forces to form the Borne Mercenaries. The Borne Mercenaries bum rushed the other groups out of the Battle leaving only the UED and Them in the Battle....."

Commando Wars 2
Commando Wars 2 is a remake of the original Starcraft Commando Wars. The game plays with a max of 12 players, 2 players per team. Game plays is very similar to the original where you spawn with 2 marines, you run out to the field to convert them and to fight other players. The more kills you get the more marines spawn for you when you die. Winning is based on the number of players in the game, each player contributes 100 points to the victory score so 6 players is 600 points and 12 players is 1200 points. Unit worth is determined by vote at the start of the game with four options. Full points means each marine is worth one point, 3/4 points means each marine is worth .75 points, 1/2 points means each marine is worth .5 points, and classic means each unit is worth 1 point if it is a marine or a Mother Ship. An example is a unit that takes 12 marines to create is worth 12 points on Full, 9 points on 3/4, 6 points on 1/2, and 1 point on Classic. There are also new tools for Players should they fall behind so that they have a much better ability to catch up.

Truckerrock Spaceport Mission
Four terran Marines arrived at the famous "Truckerrock Spaceport". They have orders to patrol this asteroid-base to prevent the crime and rumors about Zerg-activities.
"Where dreams come true !" Here at Truckerrock Spaceport everything is possible. Even if you need gas, food or guns, you can get it here !
In this scenario-mission you will be able to control one-of-four marines. The chosen-one who is the Commander must stay alive at the hole scenario-mission. You and your marine-squad have orders to patrol this asteroid-base to prevent the crime and rumors about Zerg-activities. The scenario consists of small mission-quests you have to reach, to go on in the storyline.

Starcraft 2 - Brood War Version 0.971
-New Method for loading Triggers, Triggers are now loaded from the SC2BW mod file instead of from the individual map, ergo there is only a single source for Triggers. this will make it easier to update the map and also ensure
Ladder Rating is persistent across all maps.
-New Valkyrie Texture by buhhy
-New model for Comsat. has animations now.
-Work Animation added to Science Facility (lights flash when upgrading)
-Dragoons now make a mess

Mini games/Tower defence

Mech City
2v2v2v2 Capture the Data 3PS
Far into the future the earth is covered in layers of structures built upon the ruins of past cities. Upon these installations you will be engaged in a war for Data. Your team must collect 10 Data units in order to achieve victory.
-This map uses an ASDF Movement control along with mouse-look and mouse clicks for firing.

Battle Probes
The Protoss have created a grand facility devoted to the testing of Prototype Probes in an attempt to create the ultimate war machine. This is a top down, free for all, killing spree map; controlled by mouse position in combination with space bar. Weapons are fired with left mouse click and other upgrades are use with right click.
Now you can also gain points by gathering minerals, gas, and Terrazine and returning them to the Protoss Beacon.
Two movement systems are available: WASD and mouse movement while holding Alt.

Battle Tank
A rivalry between four mercenary groups erupts into a all out war, decimating the city and it's population. This battle will determine which of the groups is the strongest and will only end with the complete annihilation of the other groups.
- 4 Player
- WASD movement
- Mouse controlled turret movement
- Destroy 50 enemy units per team to defeat them
- Alternate victory Destroy enemy bases

Fortress Stand
Destroy the enemy's planetary fortress while protecting your own. The enemy will spawn hero and units so be prepared ....

Rage TD
Tower Defense using Items and Levels based on kills.
1 Race for Now 20 Waves 6 Towers 20 level up's 16 items.


Unit Tester v0.96
A map where you can easily create and test out units. Get to know exactly what composition works great against what!
Unit tester for one or two players. Easy to use unit creator, resource spending tracker, different arenas, and many options. Compare unit compositions and costs, or practice your micro with friends.


JoeyRays Zone Control v2.0
-Calldown buildings from your headquarter. Units are auto-trained.
-Upgrade the amount of minerals and vespene you get from resource-producing refineries.
The whole map is split into sectors. In these sectors are production buildings or structures, which will give you minerals and vespine. You gain control of a sector by sending a unit to an Obelisk and stay there for 10 seconds. All production buildings automatically create units when you right click the train button (autocast).

In opposition to upgrades, mercenaries and defensive structures, standard units donīt cost anything. Every player has a primary building, currently Planetary Fortress (T), Nexus (P) and Infested CommandCenter. The goal of the game is to kill selfsame structure.

Special Forces Omegalisk Frenzy
Special Forces map with some twists. Based off of Mikelat’s Special Forces Elite map.

Proxy War
This is a King of the Hill map with random hill spawn points every 90 seconds of game time. You move your unit with right click and fire with left click. Weapons can be upgraded twice but are lost upon death.

Heros added. Destrucitable Resources and minerals shards. 3v3 hero team play map. Test your game aginst an insane Comp.


Shakuras Monsoon
Team play map. Your allies are nearby. There are expansion locations secure behind your base. One path of assault connects the north and south.

New Hulk
Team play map, your ally is located nearby. Nearby additional resources are easily defended. Advancing towards the enemy will provide further resource locations and Watch Towers that control vision over important attack routes.

Milph Maps: AshenVale Ruin
Melee Map using the AshenVale Tileset from WOW.

Archi - Smelting Point
1v1 made by Archivian

Archi - Broken Elysium
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