Left 4 Dead 2 Map Pack #17

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This package is a collection of ten maps for Left 4 Dead 2.


No Parking
Bill and the crew made it to the passing , but they never mentioned who they met along the way...
Discover an in game Banksy gallery!

Captain americano
The survivors are trapped in columbia in the late 90s.. they need to find rescue in the states...

The Return of the Jockeys
Boss contest winner!
A direct path to your demise awaits in this L4D2 co-op map.

Plants vs Zombies
Version 2.0
A recreation of PopCap game "Plants vs Zombies" for L4D2! Custom decals, textures, a lot of easter eggs (Search them!), and fun!
Turn on the button and enjoy the ambush, if you survive, run for save your ass!


The Final Cut
When the city is asleep, the theater stays awake. Rooftops, parking lots, a working elevator and the like; this custom map contains a rich variety of areas for that inevitable last stand against THOSE DARN ZOMBIES!

Dead Swamp
It has rain, insects and fog!
It has a riotshield,a knife and multiple version of the map!
To use custom gamemode: map mapname BackToTheBasics1
map DeadSwamp BackToTheBasics1

Wyandotte Boat Club
With Scavenge Mode! Based on an actual location,the Wyandotte Boat Club is an organization located in Wyandotte, Michigan, along the Detroit River, devoted to the sport/recreation of rowing. And yes, there are zombies.

Night of the Living Dead SBS
A L4D2 incarnation of George A romero and John A Russo film. This map was created primarily to test the current version of the Survival Barricade System.Thank you all for the feedback, happy hammering!

Whether by sea, or by air, it doesn't matter how you got to the island, there's only one way to leave. Fight for your life in either the church, partially finished house, incinerator chamber, the docks, or beyond the flame
*hint*. Did I mention zombies climb up from under the gravestones?

The Matrix Subway
From the Matrix film, a recreation survival map when Neo and Smith fight! Custom decals and textures, weapon-system based on the film, the L4D1 characters helps you, music of the film, and also BULLET-TIME! Survive more, for more surprises!
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