Portal 2 Map Pack

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This package is a collection of ten maps for Portal 2.

Included Maps:


Patent Pending 1.1
by ebola
A 30-minute level of intermediate difficulty with four chambers set in the destroyed Aperture Science facilities. Some puzzle elements include hard light surfaces, discouragement beams, aerial faith plates, and excursion funnels. Suggestions, reviews, praises, criticisms, and all other feedback welcome. Enjoy.

Motanum's Main Four
by Motanum
From the 2nd place winner of the October contest, and creator of Motanum's Test 01, comes... Motanum's Main Four!
This map has 4 chambers in one! Go through 4 chambers will trying to close a laser circuit to open up the exit!
Good luck!

Infinifling V2.5
by MrTwoVideoCards
Infinifling pits the player directly into a chamber filled with redirections (we had to have some) and mechanics built on prevailing mid-air portaling techniques, though with less difficulty and more fun.

Lost in Testing #1
by KenJeKenny!?
This will be the first of 4 chapters. This chapter features a challenging but medium-difficult puzzle, using Portal gel, Portal jumping & a funnel. The average playtime = 10-15 minutes.
Placed 7th among SP maps in the Summer Mapping Initiative Contest.

by Omnicoder
A medium-hard, fairly long map in the destroyed chamber style.
Summer Mapping Initiative Entry.

Cubi 1.0
Cubi is a brainy portal experience designed for players who have played through most / all of Portal 2.
The puzzles are primarily cerebral in nature, providing a challenge that the average Portal player will enjoy while still providing fresh puzzles for the more skilled player.

Missing Geodome
by Kay
A single player map in a rusty 1950s Aperture Science Geodome.
It features all kinds of gels and a few cool ways to play with a companion cube.
I recommend playing this map after you finished Portal 2 solo and coop, not for a storyline problem, but for the mechanisms used in the map.

Sphere: Delta Bunsen! 3.0
by Lobster
Delta Bunsen contains 3 linear puzzles, within 2 chambers, inside 1 sphere and features a couple of new things I thought might be fun. I am entering this one into the Summer Mapping Initiative as I am pretty happy with it overall.

Old Faithful 1.0
by Lobster
This is the second map in a series that began with 'Sphere of Roundness' last week. Version 2.0 of that map is also included in this release, they also transition into each other to make a loop.
The map also follows the loose premise of "What if aperture had tested faith plates in the 1950s?" the default faith plate model stands out a little in the underground, so I went for an alternate appearance, see what you think!

by Omnicoder
A medium length and difficulty map using much of Portal 2's new features.
This is the map the one-room Iterator beta was from. If you played the beta you will recognize the first room (which has various bug fixes) and the rest of the map is new.
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