Age of Empires 3 Map Pack #10 (20 file(s))
How to Install Maps:

Unzip the file, then place the *.age3yscn file into the My Documents/ My Games/ Age of Empires 3/ scenario folder.

Included Maps:

Single Player Scenarios/Campaigns

The Great World
You play with 7 enemy's ffa so you can kill every one! You begin at the European continent and will play as the Dutch. It is only playable with all expensions.

Massive British Empire Campaigns Chapter 1
I. These are NOT scenario files but saved game files (3 AoE3 files,3 TWC files, 3 TAD files, 9 in total). After downloading, relocate the files in your 'save game' folder then they should be playable.
II. These games are created ENTIRELY for Eye-candy purposes, many of them are NOT balanced, you may find which as the player who control Britain, you always have great or superior advantage over your enemies. If you want enjoy a balanced battle, then DO NOT download these games.
III. All maps are HIGHLY REALISTIC, which are BASED ON THE GOOGLE MAP. each map equivalent to a 3x3 miles real

place on earth
IV. Since the very beginning, you probably already have all technologies improved, reached Imperial Age, and with a large armies which approach 200 population gap, your resources are also huge or even infinite, etc. So you can focus only on your battle and enjoy these historical events.

European Aztec Civil War
Added a little twist to the Aztec Civil war. You have full control of the Aztec as well as being able to build and train European units and buildings.

MarineFort And Pirates
The scenario is adapted from the series One Piece when gets luffy save ace son of gold roger the king of pirates from marine,but in this story is an about pirates want to destory the marine and rule the world,so take the lead of pirates,and RULE THE WORLD.

Bad Neigbours
This map is a different version of the first battle in the csmpaign.

Survivor, The Fort
Prepare our amry in the camping and destroy the Zagra's Fort.

At War
In this scenario, you will have to defend the British base against the French invasion. But before, you will have some small quest to do. If at some point, you dont anderstand what to do, you can read the Objective detail.

The Jules Verne's Mysterious Island
We are in the 1865, to Richmond, Virginia, during the war of secession. Five men and a dog run away on a balloon. A storm them maltreat for a lot a time, finally dash them on an unknown earth: continent or island? Is the before the so much questions that the shipwreckeds are will be set, and the before that receives answer: island!

Shipwreck in the Jungle
You are a British explorer stranded in the jungle as a result of your shipwreck. You and your small crew must relentlessly cut through the thick jungle and start a colony from scratch if you hope to survive this unforgiving world. Befriend the Natives on your side of the river, as they know the land... and can help you survive against whatever -- or whoever -- calls this jungle their home.

Survival for Single Player
A town in the middle of the nowhere is under attack, by beings of unknown origins, they look human, but they aren't. The survivors sent out a search party for food since the blight has destroyed the farmlands and traders have stopped arriving, however, the search party has not been back for a long time... Food supply is dwindling and so is moral. It is your choice, sit around and wait for help that may not come, or search for your own escape route that may not exist.

Multiplayer scenarios

sp Gladiator & daMap version
-you can choose your Gladiator between 9 units!
-over 20 levls
-nice map
-two bosses (2 "mini" Bosses and the end Boss)
-the bosses have magical powers (wich are random)
-gold shop with 4 diffrent upgardes and a healer
-day and night circle
-"better" music
-over 300 triggers
-you can play this game in all ages (but i preffer age two)
-very good playable
-easy to undersand -i think so-
-after every levl ou get a special amount of gold
-you get extra gold per kill

EARTH 2011 Updates
The goal is simple, this is a supremacy game, the biggest difference is that you can build an alliance during this game. Two people per team is the only possibility.

P77 Zombie Killer
In this game you choose a character (skirm, grenadier or cacadore) first and then a random player will become the zombie. His new character is a ninja and he tries to touch the other players. If he has succes in that, the touched player is a zombie (ninja) also. And yes the touched have to touch the other non-zombie players then :P
To win against the zombie(s) kill all of them (they have less hp) or just survive for 10 minutes.

P77 cats and mice
Its an untypical cats and mice game, but there are so much special things in the map, it would take forever to write all down!

Each player finds himself shipwrecked in the new world. One has met his fate among the rocky coast and the other has forced his small sinking ship to shore far up an inland river. Rocky bluffs and dense forest prevent either player from direct contact by land, yet the river offers each the vulnerability of direct attack by ship.

You are with 6 allies in a big maze and you have to kill all enemy units because you become a better character cause of kills. For every kill you got some gold. Use it to buy some units at shops! Its really fun belive me ;D

War Arena V.5
This game is like musketeer war, but you can choose between 4 kinds of musketeers and there are some other specials like a gold shop and a 250 kills shop and u get after some kill units or other things

Japan Clan Wars III
The objective is simple: Kill all daimyo!
All players must be japan and the last player is tokugawa's comp!

The Battle of Thermopylae MultiPlayer
A multiplayer game of the Battle of Thermopylae.
300 Spartans with 1000 Hellenic reinforcement must defend The Pass of Thermopylae against 50,000 Persians.

The Great Colosseum v1.12
You may use any civ to play this map, the houses, stable, market, etc. will convert into the correct cultures. Computer players will also know how to play, however their power in late game seems to decrease dramatically (this will be fixed in the next patch hopefully), therefore I do not recommend using comps for p1-4 unless you have to. To win the game either control all of the territories or destroy all of the enemies' "Tower of Victory" in order to bring them defeat.
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