Call Of Duty 2 Map Pack #21 (10 file(s))
How to Install Maps:

Simply extract the file and put the map into your "main" folder
...\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main

Included Maps:

Glastonbury, England
Wehrmacht invasion-troops successfully landed in England.
German Paratroopers conquered a small City in the Heart of England called Glastonbury.

-fixed several player clip and glitch exploit issues
-added 2 mg42s and deleted the original turret placements
-rearranged ctf spawns
-added loadscreen

Multiplayer Deathmatch Behind Enemy Lines
Custom: Textures, Sounds

Gunslingers -Updated
The map is my features the wild west theme...nothing quite like meeting up in the main street with webleys for a good duel.
sd gametype added
minor texture and terrain changes

This map is a conversion from singleplayer. Some admin's have had various problems running conversion maps.

Featuring Teleports, placed guns, 2 machine guns, secret wall in cube.

Zweibruecken, Germany
Small Cod2 map featuring 2 villages with a river in the middle of them.
Game type: DM, TDM, SD, CTF

The Bridge
A symmetric shaped map not big but good to have some great action withcapture the flag,
Game type: DM, TDM, CTF

DD Matmata
A remade version of the matmata map, now so you can play it with rifles and all wep's in the same map rotation on our server.Also with added a few more access points, a couple new mantels, and redid the terrain...

Abandoned Scrapyard Updated
The war is nearly over and the the axis experiments with time travel have gone slightly awry and some aspects of a modern scrapyard has been transported back in time, now abandoned by the shocked axis leaders the allies have discovered this freak of time and are now trying to take over the town, the winner of which could discover the secret of time travel and so bring new and weird models to
the battlefield!
Game type: DM, TDM, SD, HQ, CTF
Size: 106.82MB
Downloads: 4,167 (3 today)
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