Company of Heroes Map Pack (20 file(s))
This package is a collection of twenty maps for Company of Heroes.

Included Maps:

2 players

2v2 Sheep Island
One huge bridge and 4 small bridges give you the chance to visit the enemy. Much details makes the map very cute.

Red Forrest
Very small map for only 2 players.
A map in forrest during sunrise ,lot of trees and bushes, 3 ways wich only 1 can be cross without havy tanks bec its defence by concrete blocks, lot of wires , bec it would be to easy to capture points.

D-Day+1 (version 2)
This map (not to accurate history archives) is set D-day +1 after the allies have stormed the beaches of Normandy and are about to press on the villages that have been reinforced by German defenses.
Heavy a.t guns and strong bunkers are proud opposition and offer the chance for players (or a.i) to storm France with everything theyve got.

4 players

Road to Carentan
in June 1944: June 10th 1944, St Come-du-Mont, Carentan area, Normandy. It was midhnight when the order from the High Command came. The 502nd Airborne of the 101st Airborne Division was ordered to progress onto Carentan, which marked a point of high strategical value. All important routes in the area met here, without Carentan, the boys from the beaches wouldn't be able to advance into the inland. Since June 6th, the Airborne Rangers gathered a nearly legendary reputation, when it was to secure important crossroads and strategical landmarks to ensure a happy "Welcome" to the Infantry and Tank Divisions from the beaches. When the order came to the 502nd, led by Lt. Col. Cole, the men lingered in their emplacements in the South of St. Come-du-Mont...

Cite Normande
A small high town fenced by a river meander and around fields, orchards, farms and an abbey. To reach the town, two footbridges and three destroyed bridges. The best resources are in the town, but there are some dropped resources too with weapons available, so looking for them !!! You have got a truck near each HQ. 29 sectors, 9 munition, 6 fuel, 14 manpower.

Island Stronghold (SGA)
This is a 2 vs 2 map with many bridges and islands. There are weapons on the map already but no infantry or tanks. The weapons are set to world not to a certain team.

Hedgerow Maze (1.0)
Hedgerow maze is a map with hundreds of infantry paths created by hedgerows, and one vehicle path.
There are pickups, munitions, ATGs and weapons in each HQ area.
This map allows for a challenging gameplay because tank rushes don't work as well and infantry can get mauled on their way to any location.
Defensive players will love this map.

Saving Private R...
Well, I'm sure that, like me, some of you are fans of this great movie Saving Private R... I wanted a realistic and accurate map of Ramelle-Neuville. I've worked during three month, looked every camera shots, to remake the movie's studio, and I finally did it. So on this map, you'll fine the little town of Ramelle-Neuville with : its main street, church, fountain, bridge, lock, and more : the house where melish died in the movie, fort Alamo, and accurate ruins... But more than Ramelle, you'll fine other places which were used in the studio : the french house where Caparzo was killed by the sniper, and the radar station which was attacked by the platoon. Finally, I've created other places and scenes : crashed gliders or planes, dead paratroopers, wreck tanks, parachutes or Rommel's asparagus in fields. For more realism, player 1 has to take paratroopers and player 2 the rangers. (Player 1 has the Ribben's "Kettenkrad") Germans HQ are on the other side of the river. Hope You'll like it and... save Private R...

London Bridge is Falling Down
The Germans have started their siege on London and have bombardment the city. The British make a stand to hold off the Germans. The German Luftwaffe has destroyed most of the city. This is part 1 of 2. The map is a 4 player map. Part of the city is not destroyed but most is.

Village Offensive 2v2
Village offensive is a large 2v2 map revolving around a non ruined town with countryside features. The map consists of three sections, the middle acting as an island with vehicle capable bridges crossing towards two areas. The left side has 3 bridges to it, the right has only two. There is also a footbridge connecting the two base sections to each other at the furthest point away from the HQ's.

ManyRoads is a map that is not like any other, with dimensions of around 928 x 256 it can be fun if not challenging at times to gain a foothold and even keep it.
Each side has 3 "Easy" capturable ammo sectors, it makes it easy to gain ammo for those needed upgrades.
Fuel and manpower sectors are however, still close enough to capture before the real combat begins.
Each side has their own advantage for defending/attacking each build up of enemy forces, Playing as germany all you need to do is place a few well guarded Flak 88's approximately 1/2 way up the map and they will hold the allied forces at bay...

A map where 2 teams go head to head over a small number of points, amongst trenches and light hedgerow fields. Artillery is vital in this map as Vehicle's may find it hard to Maneuver. Infantry tactics will help you reign supreme in this map!


Port Marly [ revised ]
A large beautiful town with a river-port. In the middle a long island has got an available forward barrack, free of charge. A wide river divides the town. Only four bridges : - two destructibles footbridges - one indestructible bridge for vehicles, - one destroyed railway bridge, - and a path on each river bank. Plenty of buildings. Some availablemortars, MG42, Pak38, two Flak88, bunkers and somewhere dropped ammunition and fuel resources.

War in England
What if the Germans did go with Operation Sea Lion?The Germans have successfully completed Operation Sea Lion and are advancing through England and are making their way towards London. This is map 2 of my 4 map mini campaign of it the Germans invaded England. Map 1 is still in construction. The map has many cities like Dover, and small cities/towns and some forest. This map is a 6 player map.

industrial fight
Centres of industry have always been a prime resource for war, now this one somewhere in the west of France is the stage for a great fight, as two powers clash. A large industrial centre with rural fringes ensures a good fight will be fought. its fairly open, and difficult to totally block off. Do you go for pure infantry, or rush for tanks? Good luck and have fun.

The Old Flood Plains (version 1)
The map depicts the ideals of the Allied field bases in mid france and the Axis hiddin in the urban war machine in the heavily bunkered citys, treck across country through hedges and farmland before storming the axis base and destroying industrial threat with brute force of vailiant soldiers and tanks.

River of Tears
The premise is the Germans have established a fortress town. Well defended. There are 2 paths across rvier. Netiher can be destroyed.

8 players

Blueriver Island
8 players mirror map with 4 infantry reserved sectors where you can find good snipers'nest and high munition
points. The island have indestructible bridges and 2 flak88.

Cezembre is a small island off St-Malo, in France. Germans fortify it with about 80 bunkers, shelters and batteries able to fire to 35 kilometers !! From the 6th of August to the 2nd of september 1944, 700 germans resist against furious bombardments from Royal Navy, bombardiers using napalm for first time, and heavy artllery. I think this map is hard. Germans have got plenty of weapons and tremendous defences but little fuel resource. Munition resource is decent. They are only three narrow roads to interior island. Mind your steps !! Germans engineers put mines everywhere !!! Allieds have got plenty of resources and dropped bonus on the beach. They've got 8 howitzer to fire on Cezembre. But they must reach island during ebb-tide. This is a long way !!

Von Boccia's map (1.1)
updated map, adding another bridge, improving the terranin, adding a small railway service in the airport serving as fueling terminal for the airport. All flak near the bridge has been removed, meanwhile now the map is more balanced. Only a couple of Flaks 88 & Flakvering + few burkers has been mantained in Axis HQ area.
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