Portal 2 Map Pack #2

Portal2-MapPack-2.zip (10 file(s))
This package is a collection of ten maps for Portal 2.

Included Maps:

CooP Maps

Discovery 1.2
This campaign have 3 progressively harder maps. Every map have 2 chambers so there are total 6 chambers! Maps will automatically change and players will return to lobby after last map.

Fast Bridge 2
A coop testchamber with 6 seperated tests. Typical testchamber design and a lot of details.
You will have to work with lasers, panels, lightbridges, gel, turrets, cubes and pneumatic diversity vents.
The tests will need good timing and some time to find the solution. Use your zoom and: Think with portals!

Versus V 1.11
Its a coop map that, over seven chambers (but you only have to think in like four) includes, amongst other things: Deadly Lasers, Less Deadly Lasers, Faith Plates, Deadly Faith Plates, Enancipation Grills, Deadly Emancipation Grills, Maximum Fun Chambers, Excursion Funnels, Reverse Polarity Excursion Funnels, Deadly
Excursion Funnels, and all the gel you could ever need! (unfortunately not deadly.) But do not let that discourage you. You only HAVE to die twice!

Redirecting Redirection
This coop map revolves around redirecting redirection cubes via funnels, and the magic that follows. This map is a little tough though, you might wan to pre-lube for it.

Fling Bridge 1.0
A medium skilled co-op chamber for the Summer Mapping Initiative contest.
The chamber includes a spawn and exit elevator plus the following Portal 2 elements: fling, turrets, laser, laser cube, light bridge and a catapult.

Lots of Faith 1.1
This is a Co-op map, it has lots of faith plates.
To play, go to the hub then type in console: changelevel mp_coop_lotsoffaith_ljdp

Alternative Maps #1 #2
Maps in valve style(i hope), medium difficult.
If you already have alternative #1, replace it from this release.

Surprise 1.0
This is a (probably) medium difficulty Coop map. It doesn't include any hardcore moves and you don't need extreme precision or timing, but I think it's quite challenging.

Cyan Industries
Coop Cyan indrusties is a medium/easy puzzle map where the puzzle does go a bit different then planned.

Get that Cube v1.3a
The main objective is to bring a cube from one room to another - with certain obstacles of course ;). With clever use of the lightbridge and some flinging it should not be a big problem.
Difficulty: I'd say it can be challenging to figure some things out, but not impossible.
Overall: hard
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