Battlefield 1942 Map Pack (10 file(s))
This package includes ten maps for the game Battlefield 1942.

Included maps.

DGS Omaha beach (v1.0)
This Is a map for Battlefield 1942, The map is based on dog green sector on omaha,
The map has three ships one being an aircraft carrier, Axis have many gun emplacements for defence.

Operation Frostbite v1.0
The map has been made in the same way as the map "Tobruk" the German team has one uncapturable flag, the Russians have six flags which all can be taken, you will need six flags to create ticket bleed for your enemy.
The idea was to create a map that really looks like it's cold and frosty and all the Troops, Vehicles, Buildings and Trees are covered in frost, I do hope you all enjoy it.
> Co-Op
> Single Player
> Capture The Flag
> Conquest
> Team deathmatch

AfriKa Tank Battle
This is a modified version of El Alamein.
Adds more vehicles, for more destruction, or more rides to the planes.

NB Pearl Harbor 2
Theme: Pacific Theatre, Japanese vs. US ... Conquest, CTF and TDM gameplay
Map Specific Notes: US had 3 destroyers and a sub, Japs have 2 destroyers and 2 Aircraft Carriers. The destroyers have a maximum of 2 spawned per map (i.e. allies get 6 destroyers, axis get 4). The axis carriers and allies sub only spawns once per map so use them wisely!!! Only one Japanese carrier is mobile it is the "Yama"(middle carrier), but it is much weaker then the stationary "Kami" Carrier(left carrier). The Japaneese introduce a new zero that spawns on the stationary "Kami" Japanese Carrier, it is in camo colors.

Canyon Siege
This is a fictional map, located in some fictional desert. In the regular BF1942 version it is the Americans vs Germans. There are 5 flags to wage war over and all game types are supported. I suggest giving TDM a try, it is extremely fun.

Liberation of Nuenen (SP & CO OP)
After dropping into Holland and liberating Eindhoven, Easy Company of the 101st Airborne Division is sent to free the town of Nuenen from German occupation.
It features Single Player support, Coop aswell as the other gameplays.

Hill 112
This is a map located in Normandy, south-east of Caen. The map is based on a true mission, codenamed Epsom. The basic aim of Epsom was to sweep round to the west and south of Caen and reach the main Caen-Falaise road. This would almost encircle the German defenders around Caen.

D-Day (1.1)
D day has finally come, and at sunrise, American, British, and Canadian forces will hit the shores of Normandy. However, before the invasion, the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions have been sent behind the lines to meet up with the Army and form a continuous beachhead.
Allied Gameplay: Spawn in the C47s that automatically move across the map and jump out at will, attempting to capture and hold as many outposts as possible.
Axis Gameplay: Attempt to hold the towns and shoot down the planes using the many flak guns. If unsuccessful, spawn on the outskirts of the cities and counterattack them.

Wake Evenings (1.2)
"It's late in the evening and the air is getting a bit cooler. After all the efforts made by my fellow soldiers and me, we actually managed to survive this afternoon's attacks. Oh man!, the loss of William and James is more painfull than the bullet that got through my shoulder. Everyone here saw at least one of their friends die in the hand of the ennemy. Thank God I can still breathe and got enough energy left to sit here and watch for any suspicious activities."

Battle of the Atlantic
The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest campaign of the Second World War.
From September 1939 to May 1945 the Allied forces fought in the bitter cold waters of the North Atlantic
The Battle Of The Atlantic The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest campaign of the Second World War. From September 1939 to May 1945 the Allied forces fought in the bitter cold waters of the North Atlantic against the German forces

A Bridge Too Far v2
British and German troops battle for a bridge in a city.It is a middle sized map which consists of a city. A big river is seperating the city in the center and both teams battle for the only bridge connecting both city parts. The other team will loose tickets if you capture the bridgeflag or if you capture all the other 4 headquarter flags.
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