Left 4 Dead 2 Map Pack #18

L4D2-MapPack18.zip (10 file(s))
This package is a collection of ten maps for Left 4 Dead 2.


Defense Double Pack
The Defense Double Pack introduces two new sub-game modes for Survival! In Sandbox Defense, you use the available support abilities and structures to make any defense you want! In Base Defense, construct buildings, hire mercs, buy supplies and use powerful new superpowers to make your last stand!

Version: 2.1
The survivors are once again doomed to failure on a small rocky coastline. This map includes features such as a mounted gun, a deadly fall, and an evil director. Also zombies. Good luck!

Dead On The Bridge 2 (Survival)
This is a sequel from Dead On The Bridge map. The author has tried to keep some features from the previous map, so people can recognize it.

Silent Fear
Find 5 hidden glyphs to proceed to safe house...
Temporarily disable all other addons to play this map.
Fixed the model errors some people reported.

Urban Terror
The survivors got trapped in a subway station. How long can they hold out?

Dead District
In this map, the Survivors have to resist against bunches of zombies in an unknown country town they fell in...will you dare to face them all?

Hexen: Winnowing Hall
Remake the very first level of the Hexen. The map features textures straight from the Hexen game, custom sounds, a secret room and is a very close replica of the original.

Version: 4.0
Scavenge support added!
Cornered is a survival/scavenge map for Left for Dead 2 featuring a night time setting and a semi random rain storm with lightning to spice things up a bit! :)

The Palace v4
Version 4.0
The Palace is a single map for Left4dead2 which take place in a cinema and around it
Two versions: DAY & NIGHT.

Dead Venue
The Midnight Riders were set to play here before the outbreak. Located in South Texas, survivors must escape this zombie infested concert venue before it's too late!
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