WH40,000 DoW - Soulstorm Map Pack #17

WH40.000-Dow-Soulstorm-Mappack17.zip (20 file(s))
How to Install Maps:

Extract all files and folders to your installation directory by default "THQ\Dawn of war\W40KData\Scenarios\MP"
the directory structure MUST be kept in tact.

Included maps:


Iowa Jima
This is an old battle field from the world war 2, The author tried to make it as cannon as possible with information he found all over the internet.

El Alamein
Based on the highly played Battlefield 1942 map.

Canyon of Carnage
Battle for control of this desert canyon has raged for so long that none but the dead know what makes this seemingly desolate hunk of rock significant.

Suburban Combat Day 2
Based on a quite heavily modified Suburban Combat map.

This is a small (256x256) battlefield that invites quick intense fights. The stream can be crossed at the bridge or forded in four other locations. However vehicles can only cross on the bridge. This map is designed to be unbalanced with player one being slightly farther from the bridge and player two's base being slightly harder to defend. A relic is included for each side, but rarely does it influence the outcome. Infantry is at a premium as the forests cannot be easily crossed by walkers, and larger vehicles are prohibited.


4 player or 2v2 player map. The layout of this inspired by the old arcade game from the 80's of the same name. The streets in between each "fortress" funnel all the action to the middle. Break out the artillery!

Tod im Stahlgewitter (1.0)
Every player has got an easy defendable base with two entrances.
In the middle of the map are lots of trenches with cover. if your units go out of the trenches they stand in negative cover. So prepare for a good slaughtering.

This 4 player map wont stop the enmey shooting through walls, but, what the hey - is a THQ problem. It will however, cause your men to be spread a little thin in areas, leading to a nice scrap for the single Altar in the center of the map. To make it more interesting i was going to add a 5th AI players turrets around the critical locations and protecting the center area - just to slow off those who rush for the goodies - but couldnt be arsed - so, feel free to add it in yourselves if you wish.

Das Labyrith
Each player sarts in one of the 4 corners of the Labyrinth and has to make his way through. Try to capture the relic in the middle of the Labyrinth to gain a strategic advantage. But beware Dreadnoughts and Tanks are not the best Option...

Loomis Peninsula
This map i wanted to mess around with allowing vehicles limited accsess to the map. In a team game
its hard for both tteams to use their vehicles in the same location, the two middle players can use vehicles against each other and the two outside player can use vehicles against each other. Of course this depends on where tehy build there mech shop Eldar will have an avantage on this map since they can jump their vehicles anywhere. Artillery will be a little more usefull.


This is a 6 player map based on a beach assault with 3 teams landing on the beach and the other 3 teams starting off in the jungle. The beach times are under heavy fire with explosions and gunfire everywhere, (harmless to the players) making for a pretty intense run up the beach. Securing the beach head is critical for the first teams while teams 4-6 must fortify their entrances into the jungle trench system. Plays well on both annihilate type games and take and hold.

Kasyr Extaris
This map is based on the original Relic map Kasyr Lutien, but a lot pimped up...
Kasyr Extaris is well ballanced and has a road network that allows large troops.

Kasyr Second Defence
After the first series of attacks debris from the ruins was gathered in all haste to reinforce the base positions. The remains of the once beautifull imperial city Kasyr Lutien are being used to build up defensive walls in preparation for the second wave of attacks that was bound to come.

Spider Island
On the small back water planet of Altiax a great battle had once raged in the days of the Horus Heresy, one between
the Chaos Marines of the Thousand Sons and the Great Blood Angels Chapter. Near the end of the battle a giant warp
storm had cut off the planet from the rest of the universe,it wasn't until the present that the planet has emerged from warp storm and both the imperium and the chaos have returned to reclaim the planet. A great battle is about to begin once again over Altiax and only time will tell who the victor will be.

Black Desert
This is a 3v3 map. It is a desert map with 5 slag deposits countless srtat points, relics and critical locations. It includes cover many, many sand dunes, and canyons. Its 1024 by 1024 thats twice as large as oasis sharr and takes 5 minuites to traverse from one side of the map to the other.


In this map, four allies have a city under siege. The wall has been breached and the attackers are moving in! Can you take the city from those who hold it? Or... Can you hold the city from the invading forces?

Biffies Wagnis
Map by Kthelmir.

Ice Ball
After 50 years this planet has lost its strategic value. The Choas have left and now the Blood Ravens have come fresh from the victory to claim this ice ball in the name of the Emperor.

Redemptus (1.1)
Long ago on the imperial world of Grorn, high priestess Sephreus Termina founded the colony of Redemptus for Chaos-tainted humans whom she believed redeemable. For her efforts, Sephreus was ritually murdered by those whom she sought to save. Infuriated by her ill-advised mission of mercy, the Imperium declared the deceased high priestess a heretic.
Redemptus was hastily transformed into an imperial military complex,half of which served as a desolate prison for the tainted. Ultimately,the colony was evacuated, but its divided urban landscape was left in tact as a reminder of the unbridgeable gulf between the Imperium of Man and the servants of Chaos.

Invasion Of Normandy (1.0)
This map was created as a combination of the map Death Alley, that comes with DOW and my own ideas about cover and strategy. It's stictly made for 4v4 game play and would be nearly impossible as anything else, except 3V3 and so on. Basic idea, two "bases" up to four people a piece, eveyone has a relic and a slag deposit, the bases are raised above the rest of the terrain to create a low ground high ground effect, then in the middle of each base is a ramp, rather large, but the only access point.

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