ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead Map Pack #7 (9 file(s))
This package is a collection of ten missions for ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead.

Included missions:

SinglePlayer missions

Yesterday, the 115th Mechanized Infantry Battalion, with the help of 6th Squadron, engaged enemy forces in Zargabad. The enemy suffered heavy casualties in yesterday's fighting. However a small cadre of enemy units managed to successfully push back coalition forces. The 115th is still engaged in operations around its forward operating base (FOB) and is otherwise engaged at the moment. The task of clearing remaining enemy sectors in Zargabad falls to the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team which is part of a combined arms battalion. Marine Attack Squadron 513 (CROSSBOW) is also prosecuting targets in the city independent of our operations. They will notify us prior to prosecuting targets.

1st Assault: Border Crossers
Assault the village of Shahbaz, and the surrounding area, killing all government loyalists. You will be armed with standard Czech Republic weaponry, and have the aid of the United States Forces.
- Helicopter rides
- Realistic CQC
- A living and breathing town
- Intro and outro
- And of course, explosions!

Operation D-Spy
It is a continuation of Operation Scout where Lt. Matthew Harris and his team must accomplish a different task again. This is nothing more than just infiltrating behind enemy lines and getting information about the complex where they produce weapons.

For The Life Of A Friend
We went out to have some fun teasing Jegorow, the new castle caretaker. But then everything turned out differently...
-A story about civilians without high tech gear or special training (their friendship is all they can rely on!)
-Fully voiced (German)
-English and German subtitles
-Uses Silola's DAC, which makes combat situations a blast!
-Self made music by the author, among other custom music
-Many cutscenes

Deep Sandbox (Zargabad)
Inspired and guided by thomsonb's brilliantly done sandbox series. Deep Sandbox aka Deep Sand is a single-player dynamic mission based in Zargabad. Requires Operation Arrowhead.
-90% dynamic mission.
-100% dynamic combat.
-Uses the awesome UPS (Urban Patrol Script) by Kronzky! As result enemy groups behave in a much more realistic and immersive manner.
-Respawn on death in a dynamic way. There's a twist

Deep Sandbox 2
This mission is based on the excellent Deep Sandbox Zargabad by Dmos
I liked this mission a lot and wanted to convert it to IceBreakrs's Isla Duala which is my favourite Arma 2 Island.

Afghan War Diary: India Echo Delta
This mission is based on a real event that can be found in the Afghan War Diary. The real report can be found here.
You are the leader of Task Force Bayonet which is sent on a patrol through Sakhe. The patrol is meant to be a show of force ordered because of increased insurgent activity in the area. One Apache helicopter is on standby should you require close air support. A small Chernarussion UN detachment is also on standby at the US base in Takistan.

Operation Al-Fajr
Operation Al-Fajr was created with IED and urban warfare in mind! aswell as important team work and communication with your team to complete the mission, and all that is hopefully what I have created.

Mountain Warriors
You play in a Takistani Militia group which is attacking the US Outpost in Jalivur. Your not the squadleader so just enjoy to be lead by your Teamleader. Working Tasks, Taskhints and a small Intro.

This is a standalone mission of my older hunted mission which was originally for TC2 campaign. Due to major time constraints I don't know if I have time to make a campaign and will probably just make singular missions in my spare time. This mission is for an upcoming community mission pack. If people can test it and check it for bugs etc then that would be great. AI seems to perform better in combined ops then ARMA2 standalone.

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