Age of Empires 3 Map Pack #11 (20 file(s))
How to Install Maps:

Unzip the file, then place the *.age3yscn file into the My Documents/ My Games/ Age of Empires 3/ scenario folder.

Included Maps:

Multiplayer Scenarios

Base Defense v15
For those of you unfamiliar with Base Defense, it's a simple 3v3 game where you and your team mates must destroy your enemy's base in order to win. Also, if you look to the very right of the map, you'll see some old coots and a weapon's cache. Move your old coot to the weapon's cache to nuke the center.

Battle of Gettysburg 2v2
Based on the real battle of Gettysburg from American Civil War.

Strategic Objectives: Battle of the Bay 1V1
This Multiplayer scenario is only for TWC.
This map is a bay area with only one or two narrow land passages between the two players.
There is also an island with a sacred Aztec Temple that can be used to teleport armies across the map.In this map it is important to build ships and use naval tactics.
There are 20+ neutral structures around the map such as Forts, Barracks, Stables, Mills(with villagers) that are guarded by guardians (who are hostile to anyone who passes by) and any of these structures can be captured by any one of the players.
In addition to that players can re-capture them from each other.
Since every building offers either economic bonus or military bonus it is crucial to capture as many of these structures in order to achieve victory.

“Annihilation” 2V2/FFA (Supremacy)
This is a 2V2 Supremacy Multiplayer Scenario (FFA is available too) for 4 players (human or computer) with a new twist.
This scenario offers many interesting new strategies with unique game play similar to “Strategic Objectives”.

The Race 2
This scenario is yes a race just like "The Race", however, this is much longer and many, many new features!. There are six runners, they are trying to reach the white flag first in order to win the race and a prize :). However, you will need to get kills along the way to level up which increase your health, your speed, you attack, and changed your unit type.

Singleplayer Scenarios

sp the Zombie City V1.13
-total new Gamelay with Hotkeys
-9 diffrent weapons
-every weapon is one Unit
-you can switch your weapons by pressing Hotkeys
-5 items like Nukes,meet,first aid boxes
-complex Hotkey system
-over 30 diffrent Zombies
-special Things like:
-a Hospital
-a Market
-Arsenals (you can buy weapons there)
-Bank (Put money in it and get interest)(total new Banksystem as in other games)
-a Stable (you can buy there horses for Cavallery Unit)
-An eye-candy Village/city with a own Goldmine and other stuff
-RPG like
-over 300 triggers
-some nice movies

Laughs Last
Small mod needed to run this map, included."Read Me" to desktop. Victories before the hour mark would be premium. Search and destroy key objects to liberate your neighbors and stem the tide.

Home defence, anyone?
A short scenario purporting a Florentine invasion of a Tuscan town. Some weekend fun!

Aztec Civil War
In this scenario you are a tribe of Aztecs fighting against other Aztec enemies.

Gallentine Retired
Gallentine is a highly strategic map, much the random type “Island” map, set in NewEgland in 1702. Starting with a lean but tight raiding force aboard the Troubadour, recruited for colonization their commander Reagon has a secret objective in mind only he knows. With an option of landing sites the game play is set for enemy take down if you guess the objective. Very easy INSTALL, UNINSTALL guides for loading a play of “Gallentine” and then getting back to on-line play. With your new war-ship the “Everready” dominate this water map, protecting the shores of your new home land form enemy landings or running sortie deep in to enemy waters. This map has been well playtested by myself and Twoqtimes2 and Pure Albino, and will flow during vigorous game play, with little to no lag (pops bumped up).

Random Map Scripts

RM Kashmir (TAD)
The map itself is pretty unique. All the forests are near the mountains in the edges, though you can find only few (and really few!) trees in the middle also. The mines are placed in the opposite way, there are plenty of silver in middle, and only few tin mines near edges. Three types of animals, serow, nilgai and musk deer can be found scattered everywhere from the map.
There are three small ponds in middle of the map, with some ducks and turtles there, although not any fish. Some berries are near ponds for some extra food. The small ponds can be placed randomly to four different lines, either from E-W, NW-SE, N-S or NE-SW.
The four random natives, either Sufi, Udasi or Bhakti are placed near the ponds, one for each, plus the fourth randomly to near one of the ponds. There are no trade routes.
But, a word of warning: beware of the wild bears living in this land, they attack (or at least annoy your settlers)!
There are some goats around the map, perhaps you could get some cashmere wool of them? :P

RM Finland (Vanilla)
Finland offers many variations, like either summer or winter season, making the map completely different. In winter, lakes are frozen and you can walk over them. You can also find resources over ice. In summer the lakes are unfrozen, with offering some fish and tactical chanllenges. There is also sea, which is naturally unfrozen in summer, but can be either frozen over or unfrozen in winter. The sea can also be on either side of the map, making the map even more unique!
The flora and fauna is of course Finnish style too. There are deers, elks and caribou wandering in the dense pine and spruce forest. You'll find some cow herds around the map.

Dogleg Islands Extreme
Dogleg Islands Extreme is not the type of RMS you are use to. Not only does it have the usual build, defend, and conquer aspects; but it also has pirates, quest, challenges and opportunities on the smaller islands. It is easy to get overwhelmed and forget what you are doing. I suggest you explore slowly.

Free For All Island Wars, a very large map, but gives you the resources to explore it. Starting each with six factories, you can age quickly up until imperial, for each factory you also have your own native tribe. Meaning you have six native settlements on your own island. Total there are five islands, meaning one island is uninhabited and may have some mysterious goodies along with some horrors.

Chattahoochee Large
The name Chattahoochee is thought to come from a Creek Indian word for painted rock - possibly referring to the many colorful granite outcroppings.
This Random Land Map was written on Mac for AoEiii. It should work in TWC and TAD as well and supports team play and ffa.

Gandalf's Isles TWC
A very large map with players starting on separate islands, with multiple scattered extra islands with varied terrains, natives, and starting positions for new and interesting gameplay. Updated for TWC - see writeup.

Gandalf's Giant Random Land Map Asian
Gandalf's Giant Random Land Map - TAD is a new random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use, originally created for the base AOE3 with a revision for TWC, now updated for The Asian Dynasites. This map is an 'unknown' type map based on locations and features from TAD. New changes include use of Zen, Shaolin, Sufi, Bhakti, Udasi and Jesuit minor civs, replacement of the previous map types with new terrain patterns with matched fauna, treasures, forests, native types based on the new maps of TAD (new patterns are based the terrains found on Honshu, Yellow River, Indochina-Borneo, Ceylon, Deccan, Himalayas, Mongolia, Siberia and a made-up Green Siberia), adding a 1/8 chance for all maps of getting a few extra resource crates (0-3 crates of food and 0-2 of wood and gold), fixing one outside edge trade route pattern so that the trade posts would not lie on the edge of the map with occasional non-placement, adding more variety to cliffs for some map patterns, and adding to all maps a 1/8 chance that the starting mine would be 'towered' like on the new Siberia map.

Transcontinental Asian
Transcontinental Asian is a new random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use. This map script is an update of the AOE3 and TWC versions with new natives and additional terrain patterns, and a few minor other changes. The basic description follows, but the new features include using 9 terrain patterns derived from TAD (the new patterns are based the terrains found on Honshu, Yellow River, Indochina-Borneo, Ceylon, Deccan, Himalayas, Mongolia, Siberia and a made-up Green Siberia), with appropriate natives, forest, fauna, and treasures. Mine types are now random, with a 1/10 chance of having all gold mines and a chance of distant mines being gold mines rather than the standard value mines.
There is a random possibility of a few more herdables and berries about the maps, though if playing as Japanese onsider having decks with cherry orchards available since the Siberian-type maps do not have berries. There are also a few new treasure options. For the Honshu, Borneo and Ceylon terrain pattern maps there are water treasures available, for some maps there may be team treasures available, and for some maps there may be a treasure near the starting areas giving a Mongol scout unit (like on the Mongolia map) - very helpful on this large map. Other new features include a 1/5 chance for all maps of getting a few extra resource crates (0-3 crates of food and 0-2 crates of wood and gold) and adding to all maps a 1/6 chance that the closest starting mine would be 'towered' like on the new Siberia map. There is also support for King of the Hill gameplay.

Thanksgiving is an all-new random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use. This map represents a 'New England' fall or winter (randomly chosen) with lots of turkeys for the harvest, with a few deer, plenty of forest and silver, and fish in the river separating the teams. The map is larger than most of the original, standard ES maps. As in the Amazon map, there is no land connection between the two sides.

The Virgin Islands
This is a map done with The Age of Empire 3 (Vanilla):
This map has a Caribbean rms style...
It is a large Water map...632x632...
with fishes and whales....
plus 2 native tribes...The Caribs...
and you will hunt some Deers...
As for treasures...a fair amount of nuggets...
.....all over the map...
a few Silver mines here and there:
plus some decorations...
and finally a lot of wood...
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