Minecraft Mods Pack #3

Minicarft-Mods-Pack3.zip (30 file(s))
This package is a collection of thirty modifications for Minecraft.

Included Mods:

Aesthetic and Functional

ModLoader Beta 1.7.3
A type of mod manager that stops many conflicts between mods. Modders are free to decompile this and learn how to make mods work with it. Supports 303's mods. Also, texture packs are supported for override images and chunk population hook was added.

MyCraft Mod Manager
Version 2.3.5
Launcher Version 5.0
A mod manager with an API similar to ModLoader that will work on any Minecraft version. Can load any mod (no patchers) and keep them organized. Includes built-in mods for flying and proxying.

HD Texture Fix
HD Texture Fix Fixes the fire, water, lava, and compass issues with textures larger than the default size. Also have an option for better grass.

AdventureCraft is a total conversion for Minecraft, which turns the game into a pure adventure mode in which players cannot place or destroy blocks.
You can build there an adventuremap which runs with triggers, spawn locations, triggered doors and more.

Fire Extinguisher
1.01 with SMP support
Put out fire!

Portal Gun 1.7.3v5
Portal Gun for Minecraft

Le Parkour/ClimbCraft Pure
Climbcraft is the revolutionary mod that allows you to climb any rough surface like it were a ladder. Around since Beta 1.2_02, it has had many thousands of players use it and love it. It has also spawned many videos on youtube, reviewing, playing or testing the mod.

Portable chests

This mod adds a new world called the Aether by combining a map generator and a mod.

V 1.8 Final
Includes the legendary and scary Herobrine

Magic Wands
Ultimate building, breaking and mining tools, great for building servers, harvesting tons of resources and for fun. Simple usage.

BlockConfig r2
This new mod allows you to edit many different things about blocks, from light given off to the height of the block, block mining hardness to light opacity.

This mod adds balloons and airships.

Magic Box
Like a moving box, can move whole buildings or areas.

More Health Pack 7.5
This mod allows you to set starting health (Ranges from 1-20) and a goal health (ranges from 1-20) you can achieve by finding heart containers and heart pieces in dungeons(newly generated areas only)!

More Enjoyable Mobs
This mod will add 42 MORE mobs into your minecraft client, i have already gave some examples in the title i do not want to give away any other information i would like the player to figure that out!

Mo' Creatures
This Mod adds more creatures to the game. Currently it has the following creatures: Sharks, Werewolves, Lions, Bears, Wolves, Polar Bears, Wraiths, Flame Wraiths, Ogres, Fire Ogres, Cave Ogres, Ducks, Boars, Bunnies, Foxes, 6 types of Birds, 6 types of Dolphins 8 types of Horses and NEW 10 types of Fish!

Stop mining, and get crafting!!

Break Bedrock
Version 1
Allows you to break bedrock and collect it!

CJB Mods
Hardcore mode, Item spawner, Flying, Minimap with Item/Mob/Player Radar, Xray, Speedhack & More! Works on SMP & SSP.

X-Ray Glass
Adds a craftable block to the game of which allows you to see through the block and see caves, dungeons, and water/lava pools underground.

This mod adds Daggers, Hidden Blades and other Assassin's Creed Themed items.

Apothecarium 1.30
This mod allows you to create Potions by brewing reagents together in a cauldron, the result is defined by mathematical formulas instead of fixed recipes, which means that every combination yields a result.
Potions have many uses, from temporary bonuses and abilities like breathing underwater or fire immunity, to offensive effects like throwable explosive vials, there are currently more than 20 unique potions, and there are more to come.

Makes biomes much, much larger, depending on what download the user wants. Though multiple biome sizes are available for manuable download, an installer is also available to quickly install any size you would like. A Minecraft Forge version will soon be available.

Inventory Tweaks
Allows to sort your inventory and your chests, and replace any broken tools and emptied stacks by others from your inventory. Fully customizable, and works in both single and multiplayer.

Adds many more inventory shortcuts & significantly reduces the amount of clicks to move and craft items.

Portable Mining Laser
Introducing the PML 600. While the PML isn't a "laser", it's the newest thing in mining technology. Capable of de-bonding 32 meters of solid stone, and can bore a tunnel up to 5 by 5 meters. Unlike other mining lasers, the PML leaves the material for you to collect! And the PML is safe too, as it will not harm anyone standing in front of it when activated.
The PML requires a piece of coal to make a tunnel 1 meter wide, a piece of redstone to make a tunnel 3x3 meters wide, or a piece of gold 5x5 meters wide.


1.7.3 Rev3
Mods: Hogofwar's Peacefulpack & Rope, Nandonalt's Mob Masks & Beekeeping, Pchan3's Airship, Pfaeff's Allocator.
Graphical mods: Painterly Pack.

zombe's modpack
Currently contains: "weather", "flying", "recipe", "cart", "wield", "compass", "build", "cloud", "growth", "item", "death", "path", "spawn", "sun", "safe", "craft", "boom", "ore", "teleport", "cheat", "resize", "furnace" and "dig".
Each mod has its own uses.

Duke Nukem 4 Minecraft - Duke Nukem 0.5
This is a small example of what you can do with Turbo Model Thingy, and a small preview of what you could expect from a Duke Nukem mod for Minecraft.
Duke Nukem is a neutral mob who will kill any unfriendly mob it can spot. And pigs. Because obviously he hates pigs.
Either that or he just wants some pork chops and forgets to pick them up.
It has two attacks at the moment, a shotgun and a mighty boot. Both hurt like hell.
Size: 67.07MB
Downloads: 1,546
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