ArmA 2 Map Pack #3
This package is a collection of ten maps for ArmA 2.


Bastard Squad
It was twelve days before Christmas and all through the house, nothing was stiring except...Bastard Squad - those sneaky Spec ops douche bags who creep around shooting dudes in the back.
Its 2015 and it seems America's influence in the world (along with its unity) has continued on its downward trajectory, what hasn't changed is paranoia. ChDKZ forces in northern Chernarus seem to have new backing - forceful investigation has been deemed necessary.

Ante Portas
Our primary target is important person - Nikola Bugayev. Leader of Chedaky military units in Chernarusia.
If we want to bring a freedom and democracy into this post-soviet republic together with NAPA, we must cut Chedakys from any old contacts from Russia as Nikola Bugayev has.
Your task is only to locate and assign this primary target for the UAV.
First step after the landing in the northern woods of Chernarus, is to contact fighters from the NAPA. They will transfer you to the target zone - CDKZ base, where will be the primary target for today's mission.

AMS Roter Stern
The first part of the campaign deals with that what could be passed, namely to the war ChDKZ against CDF and her government before the invasion of the USMC on Chernarus.
As an officer of the ChDKZ you must be able in 4 missions to lead the ChDKZ to the victory.
However, to the contents of the remaining episodes we would like to abstain at this point, because the Outro gives a look on it.

Operation Red Star
Chernarus, a civil war broke lose and already took thousands of dead civilians. The "Chedaki" are taking positions and capturing villages through the whole country.
They torture and kill the civilians and the government is losing power and influence day by day.
But suddenly and fully unexpected the US president gave the order to attack and secure the country.
As part of HALO Team, an elite Force Reconnaissance unit you'll be the first troops in Chernarus.
Soon you will discover the real reason for the intervention...

Grey Sky
Somewhere, sometime in the near future. You wake up. Pain goes through your body, you can smell burning fires and corpses.
Rain is dropping on your face, you're lying on grey, thin grass. A stranger pops up in your view.
He helps you up and now you can see the whole crash-site around you. A US chopper is scattered to pieces, dead soliders

are burning on the ground.
Your leg hurts and you can't remember anything. The strange looking guy next to you tells you that you should come with him, that they don't have much time left.
You grab a pistol and follow him into the woods...

SP missions

Flashpoint: Chernarus
You are a lone soldier lost in a warzone.
Random location, time, weather
Random enemy and Random friendly forces.
Infantry, vehicles and aircraft spawn randomly as the player moves around, or other units are killed.
The mission plays completely differently every time.
This is an instant action mission, your objective is survival, the player is in a dynamic and ongoing warzone that is constantly changing.

Dawn of the Apocalypse
South Zagoria is being overrun in a massive surprise attack conducted using the cover of a Sunday night when the Christian country is sleeping or otherwise indoors. You are the only one who can alert the sleeping Chernarus and avert total disaster for the CDF and the country's population.

"Arma is a realistic war game, but I want to provide a mission for entertainment. "

Omaha Beach Invasion
DAC assault on the beach, and defense. Modified for singleplayer experience! Health regeneration, AI engineers with bangalores, and save points.

Seize zones Kamenyy
The enemy seizes the building of neutral zone and tries the suppression of the entire island.
You construct the bunker at an effective position, prevent the enemy's advancement, and exclude the enemy who invaded the building.
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