Portal 2 Map Pack #4

This package is a collection of twenty maps for Portal 2.

Included Maps:

Singleplayer maps

NYS-5 Series
A series of five difficult levels.

A pretty small but tricky puzzle for hardcore portal players.
Note to solver: This is not a puzzle in which you will be held hand through, but if you think a move is next to impossible, it probably is and there will be an easier to execute solution for you to find.

Aperture Aquatic Testing Center
A nice and somewhat long map with 3 puzzle rooms in it. Water doesn't kill you in this map, unless you stay under for too long. Each room is a little bigger and more difficult than the last room. Auto-saves trigger are included.
There are 3 Easter Eggs in this map.

Vendetta 1.0
This map is a joint-effort between myself, Shawy89 and iWork925.
The basic mapping and all puzzle elements were done by the author. iWork took care of aesthetics, details, lighting, indicator lights and some complex mapping.

The Cold Shoulder
Series of clean style chambers featuring a new test element.

Features using bridges for multi-purposes to block cubes.

Welcome to state of a dream... (Updated v3)

Monoportal v3.8
Monoportal is a single-player level that revolves around combining more advanced test elements with the Single Portal

Monoportal consists of 8 chambers spread across 3 maps which, if I met my goal, begin quite easy and grow more difficult and complex as you progress.

Beginning of the End
A short-medium length test chamber, set after the events of Portal2. The test includes faith plates, lasers, and a light bridge.

Just a short map based around fans and pneumatics. It's shorter than I would of liked it too be, but my brain was broken and I couldn't think of any more good puzzle ideas to do with fans.

Linking Annex - The Proposal Project
It is made by MissStabby and TophattWaffle.
It's a project we worked on for about 6 weeks.


Room Of Raco 1.1
A challenging map that involves some things that require inventive ways of using familiar game mechanics, impossible to explain without spoiling the puzzle.

The horror
A scary map,im not sure if this wil scare you,but you can try it.

Broken Neurons 1.1
Short map with 2 chambers. Featuring light bridge, funnel, faith plate and deadly lasers!

Square of Lah 1.5
It's a co-op puzzle this time that probably requires some time to solve.

Paradise2 1.0
For HARDCORE portal gamers ONLY we proudly present Paradise2.
Focus on the LOGIC again. You'll find deadly moss (instant die). You must have unique methods to solve all the problems.
If you find 6 buttons in a room start digging your grave be quick.

Course of Knallhart
A medium-sized and medium-difficulty coop map that requires a lot of teamwork. It might get frustrating at certain points, but don't worry: it has got checkpoints.

A map containing three chambers! First two are quite short but the last one is little longer :D. Featuring also deadly laser fields!

Lost In Transition
Atlas and P-Body get lost in the transition between test chambers and they must find their way back to Glados and her test chamber.

Turret Love 1.7
This medium difficulty map is designed to overcome your fobia of turrents. This map will require both players wits and wisdom in addition to teamwork and patience.
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