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As its core Fuel Overdose is a retro action racer where you can equip your vehicles with some good old classic upgradable weapons: a machine gun that proves extremely useful when chaining combos, a rocket launcher for more substantial damage and mines that can help you to keep distance from your rivals. And no one is ever safe with the possibility to fire at 360° when combining your weapons with the spinning and skidding techniques.

Even when your rivals seem out of range, keep an eye on them as they might be close to one of the bombs disseminated at strategic locations and that can be detonated remotely.

Use your grappling hooks as weapons to electrify your enemies, to counter them, or even to increase your shooting accuracy.

Just as in a classic fighting game, the more you get hit, the more you fill your Berserk gauge. Once partially filled you can trigger a Super Attack. Once fully filled you can unleash an Ultra Attack. Whether offense, defense, stealth, or pure speed orientated, each character has a set of 3 unique attacks for a total of 24 distinctive Super and Ultra Attacks.

Each character also has a unique Skill Move: from Rosa’s Jump to A.J.’s Side Rush, these techniques that don’t consume the Berserk gauge can give you a decisive edge to win the race.

When you run out of ammos, keep in mind that you can still play melee style and try to get rid of an opponent by pushing him out of the road or on an obstacle.

All these techniques can be combined through a combo system that rewards you with extra life points. So if you want to survive on the race track, you can try to hide, but joining the combat might just be a better option in the end.

Always keep in mind that you can play defense at any time by triggering your magnetic shield. But be careful, this technique must be used wisely as it consumes the Berserk gauge.

Last, the Race Danger, probably the most powerful technique of the Fuel Overdose universe…if you manage to get it. Before each race a secret tender rewards the highest bidder with the power to summon a climatic disaster over his enemies. Of course, losers are not refunded and will have to leave with empty hands and pockets.
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