Evochron Mercenary v2.128 Demo

- Escape pod and certain lost item contracts now properly limited to sectors with stations.
- Beam cannon now provided to player's ship in training mode to make destroying drone ship easier.
- One wormhole pathway to Rucker would result in arrival close enough to the planet the player would burn up in atmosphere, adjusted for a save arrival distance.
- On rare occasion, a player could be kicked for detected cheating due to perceived invalid damage level status changes during high speed atmosphere descent/maneuvering, now fixed.
- Fix for rare freezing issue when transitioning from sector to sector in chase view mode with an active contract or when contract pool updates.
- Earned reputation level could reset to default value when player spawned until they relocated to a different system and returned, now fixed.
- More audio channels added to particle cannon sound effect system to better support rapid fire weapons without clicking/popping.
- Waypoint range limits in-sector narrowed to help reduce potential contract failure due to sector departure.
- Wing/Thruster selection (civilian ships) now has a more significant impact on inertial thruster performance.
- Station building and detonating would intermittently fail in systems with existing trade stations, now fixed.
- Click range for 'Cancel Contract' button in inventory console expanded to match highlight bar.
- Improved multiplayer event message queue system in an effort to eliminate lost event data.
- Mining inside the ice particles of planetary rings now allows for asteroid mining as well.
- Target direction indicators would often drift when a console was open, now fixed.
- Player name and launch distance added to Fulcrum Torpedo launch alert message.
- Fix for cause of rare teleportation of player when entering a planet atmosphere.
- Fix for player spawning inside a capital ship due to fleet ID mistmatch.
- Arming sequences added to Fulcrum Torpedoes and Proximity Mines.
- Locking Alt press option added, activate by pressing both Alt keys.
- Heat signature value added to 'savedata' export option.
- Minor bug fixes.
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