Dead Space A Journey Through Terror Part 1 of 4: Isaac Clarke's Journey (HD)
In four parts, the Dead Space Journey Through Terror series charts the evolution of the Dead Space series to date - its story, its gameplay and its scares, and also provides a glimpse at what the next chapter has in store for Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 3. This first episode of the mini series recounts Isaac's journey so far...

A systems engineer on a team responding to a distress call onboard the USG Ishimura, his life changes forever when they discover the Necromorphs - hideous and deadly creatures reconstructed from the dead crew members. Isaac tries to rescue the Ishimura's survivors, including his girlfriend Nicole with whom he communicates several times, only to discover that she took her own life prior to his arrival on the ship. A religious artefact known as the Marker had manipulated his mind. Isaac eventually escapes the Necromorph outbreak intact, but is left broken and heavy with guilt over Nicole's death.

Three years later Isaac awakens from stasis on a huge station orbiting Titan, Saturn's largest moon. Unfortunately for him, he awakens in the midst of yet another Necromorph outbreak. Gradually, he discovers that whilst he was unconscious his knowledge of the Markers was accessed by EarthGov and used to create blueprints for more Markers to be built, including one on Titan Station itself.

Though still suffering dementia from his feelings of guilt over Nicole's death, Isaac again manages to stop the Necromorph outbreak despite being pursued by EarthGov and the fanatical Church Of Unitology. Helped by a fellow Titan survivor Ellie, he again escapes into space.

But their part in this tale is far from over..
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