Genre Simulation -> Flight
Today's Rank 9792
Date N/A
Date 2000-09-30
North America Retail Box ArtExperience the pure beauty and freedom of flight, without guns, without missiles, and without leaving your couch. Aero Wings puts you in control of the Blue Impulse stunt airplane team. You lead the team through precision manoeuvres and death-defying loops. In either the challenging one-player or simultaneous multiplayer modes, Aero Wings is all about perfect stunt flying, free of the burdens of air combat. The meat of the game is the Blue Impulse tour mode, where you enter several air shows. As you pull off intense and graceful stunts in follow-the-leader type aerobatics, you score enough points and progress to the next of 20 diverse missions. Sky mission mode has you flying through suspended hoops in challenging time trials. Throw in the free flight mode and the beautiful replays, and Aero Wings is a uniquely beautiful and addictive game. --Sajed Ahmed Pros: Authentic Japanese Blue Impulse stunt airplanes Up to 4 players on screen at once Extensive peripherals support, including Jump Pack, VMU, and the VGA cord 0 to 100 grading scale on stunts will have you coming back to achieve perfection Cons: Environmental graphics not very detailed
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