Chu Chu Rocket
Genre Puzzle -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 4205
Date N/A
Publisher Sega
Date N/A
Publisher Sega
Chu Chu Rocket United Kingdom Retail Box Art EyeToy is best enjoyed by groups Online gaming has arrived on the Dreamcast! Chu Chu Rocket is the first \ game to fully utilize the Internet connectivity of the Dreamcast. This simple (but very addic\ tive) puzzle game is strongly reminiscent of the traditional "cat-and-mouse" game. Your goal is to herd some \ intergalactic rats (the strangely-named Chu Chus) into a rocket, while avoiding some whacked-out space \ cats (a.k.a. Kapu Kapus) that are in fast pursuit. While the bare-boned graphics won't win any design awards, Chu Chu Rocket does offer an impressive online gaming experience. In addition to the solo mode, the game let\ s you connect with gamers from around the world for true multiplayer madness. Whether you compete against\ others or tag-team to solve the puzzles, Chu Chu Rocket provides an exciting entry point into \ the emerging world of networked gaming. (Note: Online features require players to have an existing IS\ P connection, sold separately.)

- Addictive action puzzle game
- Help mice escape the menacing cats
- Over 75 challenging levels
- Design your own puzzle levels
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Chu Chu Rocket United Kingdom Retail Box Art