Crazy Taxi 2
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Publisher Sega
Date 2001-07-06
Publisher Sega
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtCrazy Taxi was an arcade game turned Dreamcast showcase that really helped sell the system. Now that the Dreamcast is (unfortunately) on its last legs, Sega throws crazed drivers everywhere a bone with this sequel--Crazy Taxi 2 is the same as Crazy Taxi, only crazier. First off, Sega have moved the scenery from hilly San Francisco to the narrow urban canyons of New York City--which is a bad thing if the hills in the first game were an attraction. But this one has Central Park, and that's a thrill unto itself. Also, Crazy Taxi 2 lets you pick up multiple passengers (on occasion), which is the best way to keep that timer up and score bigger points. Additionally, there are new Crazy Stunts you can perform: Crazy Golf entails a run at a massive ball, with a goal of smacking it a good 100 yards, while Crazy Balloon 2 challenges you to pop all the balloons in a short span of time. There are three more minigames you can play, too. You can play arcade style with a set time limit, or on a big or small NYC map. The controls are tight and easily as good as last time, but some players may still have trouble performing some of the more difficult tricks. Also, this game is extremely similar to the first one--anyone bored with Crazy Taxi isn't going to find Crazy Taxi 2 a breath of fresh air. But the game is still really fun for players of all ages. It's crazy, wild, and a completely realistic simulation of a real NYC cab ride. --Andrew S. Bub
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