Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
Today's Rank 10966
Date N/A
Publisher Atari
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Fans of the old arcade hit Smash TV will most likely enjoy Expendable. The rest of us may want to look elsewhere. While the game boasts impressive graphics and really shows off the lighting and color abilities of the Dreamcast, repetitive single-player gameplay quickly leads to boredom. You control an expendable clone soldier from a third-person perspective. The game is divided into missions, each mission having roughly the same goal: blow everything up and run to the end as fast as possible. Along the way, you fight hordes of mindless aliens, rescue hostages, and play with your choice of 18 powerful weapons. If you have an additional controller, a friend can join in the mayhem. The game saves your progress with the optional Visual Memory Unit and also makes use of the optional Jump Pack, which vibrates to indicate hits and explosions. While Expendable won't win any awards for creativity, depth, or longevity, sometimes you just want to team up with a buddy and kick alien butt. For those times, Expendable does just fine. --Michael Fehlauer Pros: Brilliant graphics Chaotic, rampaging two-player cooperative play Over-the-top weapons Cons: Mindless "run and gun" gameplay Repetitive single-player game

- Crazy 3-D shoot-em-up
- Full 360 degree 3D texture mapped environments
- 20 missions in six different environments plus four bonus levels
- Tons of unique weapons
- For 1 or 2 players
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