Fur Fighters
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 7436
Date N/A
Publisher Acclaim
Date 2000-07-13
Publisher Acclaim
North America Retail Box ArtA cross between to Rayman 2 and Sonic Adventure, Fur Fighters from Acclaim puts you in charge of a group of fur balls avenging the kidnapping of their families by the evil General Viggo who is planning to take over the world. Your band of furry critters consists of Roofus, a great digger allowing you to each new area; Juliette, a seductive feline who can scale walls; Tweek, a new-born dragon who can glide from high places; Chang the firefox, who is a bit on the small side and can therefore fit through ventilation shafts; Rico the penguin who can swim underwater; and Bungalow, a kangaroo who can jump higher and further than the rest of them. The controls are styled similarly to a first person shooter on the PC, with one control to look and another to move. And they can be tricky to use. While Fur Fighters lacks the spark of gaming greats like Rayman 2, it does have some advantages, like the multiplayer levels, where you and three friends get to battle it out in the good old traditions of Quake, and rather than being stuck to one character, the game lets you change into another via the transportation pods--a great tip for tricking friends as to your identity. --Stuart Miles
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