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Date N/A
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North America Retail Box ArtDespite an intriguing premise and unsanitized content, crime just doesn't pay in Grand Theft Auto 2, an unrewarding gaming experience that attempts to simulate life as a thug. Players begin the game as a nobody and must gain respect from the gangs--mainly by performing "jobs" for them--and make a name for themselves, all the while avoiding getting busted (or worse) by the law. Unfortunately, Grand Theft Auto 2 leaves far too much to the imagination. Viewed from a top-down perspective, the game's crude, two-dimensional graphics have an appalling throwback look about them, especially the character graphics, which are about the size of ants. Although gameplay is nonlinear, there's not a lot of variety involved, as you basically plod through a homogenous-looking city either on foot or in a vehicle, doing jobs that are progressively more tedious than challenging. Unless you were a big fan of the first Grand Theft Auto, you'd best move right along, as there's nothing to see here. --Joe Hon Pros: Unsanitized content Nonlinear gameplay Cons: Nowhere near as fun as you'd think it'd be Crude 2-D graphics and uninspired sound
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